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Jinsha Museum Chengdu
Explore and unveil the mysteries clouding a culture that is thousands of years old in Jinsha Site Museum! Best choice for those who are into history and culture while traveling in Chengdu. 

As one of must-see places to visit in your Chengdu tours, Jinsha Site museum has shown a little known civilization and era of China's history.

It is a unusual site museum in Chinese museums which combination of modern civilization and the civilization of ancient Shu State (Sichuan Province was called Shu State in ancient times).

It was discovered by archeologists in 2001 A.D. and that the construction of Jinsha Site Museum was finally completed in 2007 A.D. 

Located at No. 9 Jinbo Road, which is not far from central of Chengdu, about 5 km. (3 mi.). Jinsha Site possible dates back to 3,000 years ago, the time from Shang Dynasty (17th- 11th century B.C.) to the Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C.- 476 B.C.).

It has unearthed 6,000 pieces of precious relics, 63 sacrificial sites, 3 centralized cemeteries and 70 more building sites. The museum covers an  area about 38,000 sq. m.(124,671 sq. ft.) and Jinsha site is 5 sq. km. (3 sq. mi.).

When you travel to Chengdu, you'll see four parts in Jinsha Site Museum to learn about its culture, they are Relics Hall, Exhibition Hall, Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Ecological Garden. 

The four parts in Jinsha Site Museum:

  • Sign of Chengdu - Gold Sun and Bird
    Relics Hall: The hall is a semicircle with 7,600 sq. m. (24,934 sq. ft.) area. You can feel the scenes and ecological environment from 3,000 years ago.

    Also, it's a great chance for you to closely view the process of archeological excavation. In this hall, it exhibits are fine artifacts from civilization of Shu State ancient times.

  • Exhibition Hall: It's a special structure hall that has a sunken building with a basement. With high technologies' to help to reproduce the civilization of Shu State, travelers can easily discover the mysteries of Jinsha Site.

    For instance, the daily life scenes of 3,000 years ago, explore the relationship of Shu State and Mayan civilization. What's more, one of most precious artifacts is the Gold Sun God Bird, with a creative complex design and golden material is displayed in this hall.

  • The Cultural Heritage Protection Center is located in the northeast, which is for protecting and studying the unearthed relics in Jinsha Site. Its 4D Movie Theater is nearby, where you can see lots of performances of Jinsha culture.

  • Ecological Garden is a really beautiful garden that is surrounded with ginkgos and other ancient trees to name a few. These gardens that are recommended to see, which are "Jade Road", "Sun Bird Sculpture" and "Western Hills".

After you have visited Jinsha Site Museum, it's worth buying some souvenirs for memory, like Jade ornaments. Generally, the entrance fee is 80 RMB (13 USD) and for the 4D movies you need to pay extra.

If you travel to Chengdu to visit Jinsha Site Museum on May 12 and May 18 (Jinsha Museum Day), it would be free. The opening hours are 8:00 to 18:00 and also it's easy to get to Jinsha Site Museum like the other places to visit in Chengdu.

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