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Ever since the train to Tibet from Chengdu has been opened, it has became an extraordinary and economic way to witness countless charming landscapes along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway! It may seem as a long journey, where you will spend about 45 hours on the train. However, it’s the best way to adapt to the altitude change in Lhasa since you are adjusting to the higher grounds gradually. One more thing you should be excited about is that you will traverse the famous depopulated zone – Hoh Xil. With this China travel guide you will know more about the unique features about this tour on the train, which is different from the other train journeys. Get started by exploring the amazing train journey from Chengdu North Train Station and you can choose WindhorseTour's 12 Days Train Tour to Tibet from Chengdu.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway is reputed as one of the great projects in China. It is the highest railway in the world as well as the world’s longest plateau railroad. It expands about 1,956 km. (1,215 mi.) long from Xining to Lhasa of Tibet. Over 960 km. (596 mi.) of the tracks are located at 4,000 m. (2,485 mi.) above sea level and the highest point reaches to 5,072 m (3,151 mi.). A wonderful Qinghai-Tibet Railway train journey and amazing China tour can be found at: 9 Days Qinghai Tibet Train Tour.

As the trains of Qinghai-Tibet Railway are praised as China’s most comfortable by China travel guide, the facilities are well-equipped. Three types of coaches with different prices and classes are found on these trains, namely first class soft-berth sleeper, second class soft-berth sleeper and soft seat coaches. There are two Oxygen supply systems that are offered to you on this train to Tibet: one is public uses for whole train when it is driven into the plateau area; while another one is directly used by passengers through independent ports for personal use.  There are medical services with doctors and first aid available of these trains. Meanwhile during the train journey, passengers can enjoy necessary service and even folk performances which provide a lot of entertainment to travelers. If you want to take a train adventure to Tibet, then please look at: Train Tour to Tibet from Beijing.

The scenery along Qinghai-Tibet Railway contains snowy over rivers through desert to forests to the high grounds Lhasa in Tibet. Hoh Xil, as considered as "desolate and devoid of life”, for the climate is grim, natural conditions is extremely bad where for human beings are unable to live. Only a few rare animals can make a living on the death area. It would be an exciting spectacle when the train passes by Hoh Xil area where travelers could be found in groups of Tibetan antelopes running after the train to Tibet. Hoh Xil is the must-pass area along train to Tibet and you’ll appreciate a unique and mysterious attraction which just mentioned on this China travel guide to Tibet.

Here are some must-see attractions recommend to you in Chengdu and Lhasa. Reputed as the most Leisure City in China, travel to Chengdu to see Wide and Narrow Valley, Jinli Street and Temple of Marquis Wu can make you a better understanding about local life. Take a train to Tibet and visit Lhasa where it is the most sacred place for most travelers around the world; the best spot to see is the Potala Palace. If you plan to buy some authentic Tibet souvenirs in Lhasa, Barkhor Street is the top choice for you.

The scenery along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is unforgettable and changes so fast. Give your attention while preparing for this tour when you take a train to Tibet and don’t let your eyes miss the unique landscape. This train journey will give you a memorable journey and a personal experience of a lifetime!

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