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Attention please, all the literature lovers traveling in China! The Bookworm, a popular literary-themed Western restaurant with locations in Beijing, Suzhou, and Chengdu, is not only a delightful place for you to browse great books and enjoy a fantastic meal, all three locations also simultaneously host an annual month-long literary festival celebrating local authors and poets, as well as international writers with ties to the cities.


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The month-long 2012 Bookworm International Literary Festival, which is just wrapping up, ran for the 6th year in Chengdu, Beijing, and Suzhou. If you are planning a Beijing tour or to see the famous giant pandas in Chengdu, China, make sure your visit overlaps with this rich expression of artistic talent. The festival has managed to cement itself as one of the highlights on China's literary calendar and attracts a host of talented writers and performers from almost every corner of the globe.


The range of events that have been held throughout the years at Chengdu's Literary Festival include film screenings, exciting panel discussions, writing workshops, literary lunches, slam poetry events, meet-the-author talks, interesting schools programs, and even musical events! Combined with Chengdu's traditional performing arts and abundant local attractions, a tour of Sichuan is sure to provide a unique and engaging blend of the arts that is strongly recommended for any China travel itinerary!

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In this flurry of literary activity it is easy for visitors to make new friends with other booklovers, travelers, and long-time residents, to share views on literature, and to enjoy all that Chengdu culture has to offer, including world famous Sichuan cuisine.

From Chengdu, if you want to travel around to see Sichuan's other attractions, such as the Leshan Grand Buddha or enchanting Jiuzhaigou, it is easy to catch a flight or jump on a train to one of the many great destinations western China has to offer. Chengdu is even a great jumping off point for Tibet train travel, if your sense of adventure is so inclined!

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