Bicycle riding near the sea


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Thu, 08/18/2011 - 11:46 -- Maria

The moment when I see those public bicycles, a wonderful bicycle riding experience come to my mind.

Our company ( windhorsetour) organized a bicycle riding along the sea last year, that was the first time I approached the ocean. Sweet mist filled my lungs and the cool breeze entangled itself in my hair. It was so delightful riding bicycles with so many colleagues while with the big sea and green mountains near by. We could stop anywhere to see the blue and still sea spreading before us. To take the time to just sit and listen to the ocean is really something special. The calm sea later becomes restless, you may have a terrible feeing when water come towards you. It’s correct that a smooth sea never makes a skillful mariner. Just let storm come a little more violent! All pleasure without pain is not a true life at all. We just meet the storms and rough waters bravely, just let them pass. After the short stay near the sea, we rode along the sea for a long time, not realized any fatigue at all. 

Other interesting bicycle ridings are riding in the peach flower valley with many peaches flower blossom here and there and riding around the Xi'an City Wall.

I always believe the bicycle riding on the Tibet Plateau is more adventurous which offers great physical challenges and breathtaking scenery as I cycle on the “Roof of the World”. I am looking forward to such one journey soon. 

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