Qinghai Provincial Museum


Qinghai Provincial Museum

If you want to know something about the culture of Qinghai Province, you can go to the Provincial Museum. Located in the west of Xining City, the  Provincial Museum is place collecting, keeping and studying the cultural heritage and historical relics on this land.

With an total number of 47,000 objects, it a place which can best reflect the history, custom, religion of the Qinghai people. It has been recently ratified as a 4 A level tourism attraction and regarded as a paradise for tourists.

Built in 1986 and covering an area of 22800 sq.m.(5.6 ac.), the whole Qinghai Provincial Museum Can be divided into 9 exhibition halls and many precious goods are kept here.

If you come here, you can see the stone tool from the  Paleolithic age, and copper or pottery ware form the bronze age which was millions of years ago. You are also presented with the copper figurines, bronze mirrors, inscriptions,  wooden figurines, bronze bell, Persian silver coins left from the Tang and Hang Dynasty.

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Qinghai Provincial Museum - golden statue

Moreover, you can find many other  rare and precious goods such as the ancient Calligraphic and painting works, religious arts and so on. If you come here, you will surely feast your eyes and gain much fun to your tour.

The most outstanding attraction in the Provincial Museum is the gold and copper made Avalokitesvara statue left from Ming dynasty.  The smiling Avalokitesvara is standing on a lotus and looks very graceful and kind.

The whole statue is 146 cm. (4.8 ft) high and is well known for its exquisite casting technique. Another objects need to note is the dance painted pottery basin which was unearthed in 1975. In the in wall of the basin, there painted two groups of dancing people.

The painting is ingenious with brief picture and vivid people and is earliest painting with dancing people. It is important to the development of Chinese art and to help people understand more about the ancient culture of Qinghai.

Qinghai Provincial Museum - Books

The Qinghai Provincial Museum is a convergence of cultural heritage and is free to all the society. Sounds interesting? Yes, what more interesting is that every year there are even some activities such as local dancing and singing of the ethnic groups held by the government.

If you come here, remember the opening time is from 9: 30 - 16: 00 from Tuesday to Sunday. We recommend a half day here to enjoy the great combination of artistic atmosphere and cultural heritage.

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