Shaping monday market


If you come to Dali City, after a tiring trip, you maybe wondering where you can buy some local goods. Well, the Shaping Monday Market is your good choice. It is located on the north of the Butterfly Spring, on the foot of the Cangshan Mountain and off the north bank of Erhai and is the best place to savor the local custom of the farmers.

Shaping Monday Market

There are various kinds of good selling on the stands at the two sides of the Streets. When you enter it, you are presented with a lively and busy sights, with many people arguing and bargaining here and there. Many tourists, especially foreigners are allured to buy precious local products here such as multitudinous curios, jade article, embroider and so on. Therefore, it got the reputation of  “the Foreigners' Street".  

The Shaping  Market is also one important pass from to Lijiang or Shangti-la. Each year, more than 10 million tourists pass by the Shaping Market will choose some local products. If you happen to be visiting in Dali, don't forget to hunt some treasures for your friends and families as souvenir.

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