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Three meals a day will be offered. Breakfast is usually self-help, both Western food and Chinese food. Lunch and supper are Chinese cuisines.

Catering times are announced on the public address system. Each sitting will last 1-2 hours. However, room service is offered on request anytime.

Passengers who are likely to have the same eating habits will be arranged together in the dining hall. Thus your place at table is usually fixed to ensure better service.

If you require special dishes, please order in advance. Chefs on-board will try their best to satisfy your needs.

Non-alcoholic beverages are provided at each meal with no extra charge. Alcoholic drinks will be charged for.

A Yangtze Cruise not only involves sightseeing and the on-shore excursion, it is also a chance to get to know something of Chinese culture. There are various recreational activities on board which provide you a chance to know about China from a specific perspective.

Theme Lectures: Three Gorges and the Three Gorges Project, Chinese calligraphy and painting, Chinese food, and Chinese medicine.

Performances: Traditional Chinese dance and songs, acrobatics, opera and other games or contests in which passengers can participate. Activities (for passengers to learn): Chinese Shadowboxing, Martial arts, Dancing, and Calligraphy, watching classic films.

Recreation rooms: Chinese chess, the game of go, mahjong, gymnasium, cafe bars and karaoke and library.

Usually, the written form of the time table is sent to every passenger beforehand. Programs are clearly listed on it and passengers choose to participate in those activities or not. Any change of the schedule will be broadcast in advance.

Consume On-Board
Generally, extras such as laundry, haircut/hairdressing, recreational activities, and tips are not included in our quotations. Further, one will be expected to pay for the use of office facilities such as faxes, photocopying, and over-head projector as well as the meeting room.

Others like shopping, special order of food, medical treatment on board, drinks in recreational rooms are excluded from our quotations. Some amount of small par value money should be better prepared for souvenirs and something you are interested to buy.

Passengers settle bills the day before arrival at the destination, and the collection of luggage is arranged at the same time. The tagged luggage left by the door of your cabin will be transferred to the bus you will take when you disembark. Please make sure that there is nothing left in your cabin or in depositaries at the service center.

The Farewell Show will be held in the last evening. One is expected to dress somewhat formally.

Please note that the keys of the cabin should be returned to the reception desk.

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