Security during the cruise


Security On-board

It goes without saying that safety and security are number one priorities on board the ships that cruise the Yangtze. The vessels have been specially built and are fully equipped with modern navigation and communication devices. This means that the operators are able to ensure safe and comfortable voyages along the river.

All passengers are recommended to pay heed to the safety instructions and in particular to acquaint themselves with the location of their individual life jackets. Deck plans are displayed in cabins so that all passengers may be aware of emergency exit routes.

The members of staff on board are professional, responsible people and are wiling to offer every assistance to passengers at all times.

By observing all the necessary precautions you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Luggage Depositary

Yangtze Cruise ships set no limit on luggage amount. It is better for each passenger pack the mostly needed luggage just for convenience. There are racks in cabins and some ships provided luggage depository services. Luggage of visitors traveling in groups are transferred on board in advance or delivered on arrival of the owners. After then, each piece will be delivered to your own cabin. Baggage-smasher will offer help when there is a need; however, the service is usually tipped.

In addition, there is a deposit box in each cabin and can be used for the safekeeping of valuables. Regulations specifically state that the ship's company takes no responsibility for any lost of valuables that are not placed into the deposit box. The service center also offers safe deposit boxes as well, but they may require specific procedures.

Shore Excursion 

Generally, an excursion takes two or three hours. Please remember to bring some water with you. We would suggest you buy enough water before boarding since there is hardly chance buying bottled water during excursions. You can also buy it on the ship, it usually costs more.

For the whole cruise trip, passengers will usually have two river guides and some local guides for excursion tours. When on excursions, passengers will be divided into several groups by the cruise company and each group will have a local guide for the excursion. All activities aboard are arranged by the cruise company and subject to change without prior notice.

As for transport vehicles, passengers will have clean and safe coaches and/or minibuses for touring on shore. We should remind you that there are many steps in certain places, like the Ghost City, Fengdu and Shibaozhai (the precious stone stronghold). You may consult the river guide or the cruise staff, if you think it might be difficult for you and you may then decide whether to take part in a particular excursion.

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