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China Travel Tips - Chinese Drinks
Chinese drinks are an important part of Chinese culture and this travel tip will give an insight in to the vast collection of Chinese drinks. With their unique flavor and aroma, these Chinese drinks seem like an attractive thing to try. Travel through the different parts of the country and find drinks that are closely linked to their local culture.

China travel tips on Chinese tea ensure you acquire basic

Chinese Culture - Chinese Tea
information on this popular Chinese drink. Chinese tea can be classified into five distinctive categories: white, green, oolong, black and post-fermented. The flavor of tea is varies with the growing places of Camellia sinensis and the processes of making tea. Green Tea has the most medical value and the least caffeine content, whose aroma is medium to high, flavor is light to medium. Oolong Tea is half way between green tea and black tea in a sense that it's half- fermented. Aroma ranges from light to medium. Beginners in Oolong Tea should be careful as even though flavor is only mild to medium, the tea could be very strong. White Tea is only withered and then roasted. It has very low caffeine content. Black tea produces a full-bodies amber when brewed and it has a robust taste with a mild aroma. Chinese tea ceremony is a well-known Chinese culture, including Kongfu tea ceremony and Perennial tea ceremony.

Chinese alcoholic beverages are

Chinese Culture - Chinese Drinks - Huangjiu
very popular among the Chinese drinks, which is categorized into two main type according the materials, i.e. grain-based and fruit-based. Grain-based beverages have two forms, Huangjiu (fermented beverages) and Baijiu (distilled beverages). Brewed directly from grains such as rice, millet, or wheat Huangjiu are not distilled, and contain less than 20% alcohol. Huangjiu is either drunk directly after being cooled or warmed, or used in Chinese cooking. Baijiu is a distilled liquor, generally about 40-60% alcohol. Baijiu has a distinctive smell and taste that is highly valued in Chinese culture. Connoisseurs of the beverage focus especially on its fragrance. Fruit-based wines are nearly the same with those in overseas, which have unique flavor on different fruit as materials.

China Travel Tips - Chinese Beer
China travel tips on Chinese beer, one of essential Chinese drinks, gives you the necessary knowledge about this drink. Most Chinese beers are pale lagers,and often contain rice, sorghum and sometimes rye in addition to barley. Among Chinese beers, Snow beer, Tsingtao Beer and Yanjing Beer are most popular.  Light body, strong carbonation and watery taste make the Chinese beers very easy to drink. With mild malt flavor, Chinese beers have appearance of light yellow, very fizzy. By the way, Chinese beer is perfect with street barbeque

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