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Chinese alcohol is the staple beverage in Chinese people's life, many people especially the men can't live without drinking alcohol with their mealsThe varieties of Chinese alcohol include: Baijiu (white spirits), Chinese Beer and Chinese Wine.

Baijiu (White Spirits) - Strong alcohol

Chinese Alcohol, MouTai - Famous Baijiu in Guizhou

Baijiu is the traditional Chinese alcohol and the main alcoholic beverage in people's daily life. It is a distilled alcohol made of grain sorghum as the main ingredient after a series process of cooking, fermentation and distillation. There is a famous verses in China: what to expel the melancholy? the Dukang Liquor (Equivalent to Baijiu). This explain why Chinese people love Baijiu so much. Although the strong Baijiu taste spicy and even painful, after they take several sips, they feel the blood surging and feel unprecedented pleasure and excitement. It is an usual method used by people to dispel worries and boost courage.

Famous Chinese Brands of Baijiu:

There are many famous brands of Baijiu in China, such as: Guizhou Mou Tai, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Shanxi Fenjiu Liquor, etc.

MouTai ranks the highest amongst all the Chinese Baijiu Brands, it is renowned as Chinese national drink. The price of Mao Tai varies a lot, from several hundreds RMB to several tens of thousands of RMB a bottle. Although it is famous, Mou Tai is not popular in common people's daily life for its high price, it is usually used in the banquet, party and meeting to treat the honored guests.

In comparison to Mao Tai, another kind of Chinese Baijiu - Er Guo Tou is very popular in people's daily life, many Chinese men always take few small cups with the delicious dishes during their meals and they feel very satisfied and pleased with the life. You can buy Er Guo Tou nearly in all the supermarkets even in some small stores, the price is cheap, about 8 RMB (about $1) a bottle.

Chinese Alcohol, Tsingtao Beer - Famou Chinese Beer In Tsingtao

Chinese Beer (Pijiu)

Chinese people call beer as "Pijiu", compared with Baijiu, Chinese Beer seems more popular in nowadays. After all, Beer is lighter and more temperate, people can feel free to quaff the copious amounts of beer, even the females.

The price is also close to the public, 2-5 RMB per bottle bought in the store or supermarkets, it is a necessary part of Chinese daily life, especially in hot summer, people are even crazy about the Chinese Beer. Brands of Chinese Beer are also abundant, they are always named after their production city: Tsingtao Beer, Sichuan Snow Beer, Beijing Yanjing Beer, Chongqing Shancheng Beer, etc. These are all famous Chinese beer brands. You can buy them conveniently, which is sold in almost every supermarket.

To boom the happy atmosphere, Chinese people often play games when they drink beers, it's especially popular when they are in the club or KTV (karaoke) they will play they dice or finger-guessing games. The one who guesses wrong will drink the beer as a punishment. It is exciting and thrilling! If there is chance to drink beer with Chinese people, you can try it with them!

Chinese Alcohol, Great Wall Wine - Famous Chinese Wine In Beijing

Chinese Wine

Chinese Wine is a kind of minority alcohol in comparison of Baijiu and Chinese Beer, people call it "Pu Tao Jiu". Chinese Wine is often served at restaurants, bars and clubs. It is always favored by the intellectual people and White Collars who enjoy an exquisite and elegant life. Folk people like to mix the wine with the Sprite , that makes the taste better.

Unlike Baijiu and Chinese Beer, the domestic Chinese Wine brands is not so famous and popular, most depend on imports. However, the domestic Chinese wine is booming recent years, there are several relatively popular wine brands in China: The Great Wall Red Wine, Changyu Wine and Dynasty Wine. Price of common Chinese Wine ranges from 30 RMB to 100 RMB a bottle, you can buy them in most stores and supermarkets, but the varieties in small retail stores maybe limited.

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