Time Zones in China


Time zones in China is one of the essential things you need to know before planning a trip to China!. This travel tips will help you to plan and be better prepared to acclimatize with the local time.

China Travel Tips - China Tiime Zones

Time Zones in China

Time in China follows a single standard time of UTC +08:00, which is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 16 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time. 

When it's 8 AM in Beijing, the time in the following U.S. and European cities at Daylight Saving Time are:

  1. Chicago - 7 PM (previous day)
  2. New York - 8 PM (previous day)
  3. San Francisco - 5 PM (previous day)
  4. London and Paris - 12 AM (same day)
  5. Madrid - 1 AM (same day).

(The easiest way to convert U.S. time to Beijing time during Daylight Saving Period: Pacific Time + 3 hours, then switch AM and PM. For instance, it is 5 PM in San Francisco, Beijing time is 8 AM the next morning. )

Tips on Your China Tour According to the Time Zones in China

  • Basic information on time differences makes your tour conveniently. For example, if you know when evenings begin in different cities, you can plan your travel time appropriately.
  • Although China spans five different geographic time zones, the Beijing Time is commonly referred to as China Standard Time (CST) internationally. So, there is no need to pay attention to difference on time in different cities. 
  • Customs of people living in western China is also one important part of China travel tips on time zones in China.

In western China, people adjust their daily life not according the time. For example, a western Chinese people always get up at 8 or later in winter, for the day is still dark. So their breakfast is always at about 9:30 or later and their lunch is always at about 2 o’clock. If you travel to western China, you should plan your travel according the local climate, not the time.

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