Shipton's Arch


Shipton's Arch
Shipton' s Arch is located 70 km. northwest of Artux, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It is a Natural arched Stone gate at the elevation of 3200 m. (10,500 ft.), famous as a cultural heritage and natural miracle.

It is also a place for exploration ratified as one of the 25 most wonderful places worthy of exploring in the world by one American Exploration Magazine in 2005.

Bearing the width of 100 m. (328 ft.)and the height of 500 m. (1,640 ft.), the Shipton' s Arch is “U” shaped with uncanny workmanship.

Its unmeasurable thickness make it stands out as a natural miracle and a paradise for tourists and explorers.

On the right wall of the Shipton' s Arch there are many stone caves which looks like a honeycomb.

If you look the Arch from the left, you will dreamily feel than you are presented with a peculiar mural, which is actually the surface of the left wall. Under the Arch it is the bottomless cliff hat makes this place more mysterious for explorers.

The Shipton' s Arch also features by its beautiful surroundings. From the far distance, you can see Steep and bizarre hillside, peculiar cliffs, blue sky and white clouds.

The mountain is surrounded by the clouds, leaving a surprisingly integration of the mountain and the clouds.

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Shipton's Arch - Xinjiang
There is an old Chinese saying “Beauty is rare and people always favor grotesque.” The road to Shipton' s Arch is somewhat hard, which as a result, makes it more attracting mysterious to explorers.

If you like adventure, it is your good choice to come here. Spend half a day here, you can savor the great natural miracle of the Arch.

It is advised that if you wish to visit this attraction in Artux that you arrange for a private care as it is over 70 km. (43 mi.) from the city center.

Entrance fee: Free.


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