Kashigar Grand Bazaar


Kashgar Grand Bazaar, bearing the full name of “Central and West Asian International Trading Market”, is located in the east of Kashgar City, China's northwest Xinjiang province. 

Kashigar Grand Bazzar

As the largest international market in the western China, it covers an area of 250 hectares (618 ac.) and having 21 professional markets in it.

It is famous for its variety of shopping and Uyghur style which attracted many tourist from home and abroad.

When Chinese think of Kashgar, they always regard it as a historical city of “Silk Road”.

The Grand Bazaar here is considered to have existed for nearly 2,000 years and been regarded as “the largest market of Asia” in the ancient time. 

There are about 5,000 stands in the Bazaar with more than 10,000 kinds of goods to sell and more than 100,000 people here shopping. 

The Bazaar are well-known for its large scale, abundant goods, low price and high quality which attracted many people's eyes. It is a place that can most reflect the Uyghur life style. 

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Owing to the reason that Kashgar is located in the center of the Asian and European Continent, it can collect the European and the Asia and the Kashgar Grand Bazaar is a convergence of all kind of good from many countries. 

Arts and Crafts from Pakistan, scarves from Turkey, telescope from Kyrgyzstan to name a few can all find their market here and is of low price.

The Grand Bazaar is regarded as the “Central Asian supplies Expo” by foreigners. If you want to go shopping, spending half a day here choosing what you want is a fantastical thing and this place can fully satisfy your purchasing desire.

Entrance fee: free

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