Tibet train scenery-view stations


There are 45 stations along the 1,972 km. (1,225 mi.) long Qinghai Tibet Railway when you travel to Tibet from Xining, each offering unique scenery. To provide travelers a better opportunity to enjoy the stunningly beautiful scenery on that way, nine scenery viewing platforms have been set up at nine stations. These include: Yuzhu Peak Station, Chumaer River. Tuotuo river, Buqiangge, Tanggula Mountain, Lake Namtso, Nagqu, Damshung, Yangbachen. The platform is around 500-meter (1,640 ft.) long and 1.25 meters high. (4.1 ft.). On the platform, Travelers can enjoy the views around that area and take photos. The authority has scheduled the trains so that passengers will be able to make use of the viewing platforms during daytime.

Yuzhu Peak Station

Yuzhu Peak Station
Yuzhu Peak Station is the first station along the route when you travel to Tibet by train. At this station, travelers can capture a great view of the Yuzhu Peak of the Kunlun Mountains in the east and enjoy the KeKexili's unique scenery in the west. Yuzhu Peak is one of the highest peaks in the Kunlun Mountains, the biggest mountains system in China.The snow-capped peak towers against the blue skya and is amazingly beautiful. The station is 4159 m. (13,645 ft.) above sea level.

Chuma'er River Station

Chu'erma River Station is situated at a vital point on the route of the Tibet antelope migration path. 

The northern source of the Yangtze River, the Chu'ermahe River and the river built for the migration of the animal, the Hu'erma River Bridge can be viewed from this station. The bridge is 2,565 m. (8,415 ft.) long with 78 bridge arches for the Tibet antelope to pass through. Flocks of pregnant antelopes trek  from the east part of the Kunlun Mountains via this area and head further west to the hinterland of Kekexili to give birth to their offspring during June, July and August seasons.

Looking further west, travelers can even glimpse the Qingshuihe River Bridge and the Wubei Bridge, both prepared arches for animals. Qingshuihe Bridge, 11.7 km. (7.2 mi.) long is the longest railway bridge in the world. Elevation of this station is 4,495 m. (14,747 ft.)

TuoTuo River Station

Tuotuo River
Tuotuo river is the source of China's longest river, the Yangtze River. The turbulent Yangtze originates from this broad, gentle highland river and surges all the way to the East Sea. On the Tuotuo river sceneryviewing platform, travelers can see the glittering wide river. Elevation of this station is 4,547 meters. (14,918 ft.) After traveling about 203 km. (126 mi.) away from Tuotuo River Town, the train will arrive at the Tanggula Mountain Pass, the highest point along the railway with an elevation of 5,072 m. (16,640 ft.). The Tanggula Mountain Pass is also the natural boundary between Qinghai and Tibet. 

Buqiangge Station

This area features vast meadow, prairie and snow-capped mountains. The vertical zoology natural feature is well presented in this area. Elevation of this station is 4,823 m. (15,823 ft.)

Tanggula Station

Tanggula Mountains
Tangula Pass is the highest point you can capture when you travel to Tibet along the Qinghai Tibet Railway. The Geladandong Peak, the highest peak of the Tangula Mountain can be viewed rising high against the blue sky. For centuries Tanggula Mountain has been regarded as a dangerous place for mountaineers and a place closest to the heavens. The well designed trains will pass through it even without the passengers noticing any change. Elevation of this station is 5,068 m. (16,627 ft.)

Conag Lake Station

Conag Lake is a holy lake respected by the locals. The alpine lake is 400 sq. km. (154 sq. mi.). The lake like a glittering blue pearl among the vast grassland, reflects the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds. The great variety of fish in the lake has drawn many animal species including dark-necked crane, swans, wild duck and mandarin duck to inhabit the area. Elevation of this station is 4,594 meters.

Nagqu Station

Nagqu Station is a good spot to view the endless fertile Changtang prairie. This vast highland contains blue sky, fluffy white clouds, crystal lakes, flocks of sheep, yak, vast green grassland and snow-capped mountains. Nagqu Prefecture, with an elevation of more than 4000 m. (13,123 ft.), is called the 'Roof of the World'. The annual Horse-racing festival of Nagqu region is held in August here on this grassland. Visitors can get a taste of the Tibetan customs and culture. Elevation of this station is 4,513 meters.

Damxung Station

Tibet Namtso Lake Sightseeing
The beautiful grassland scenery stretches all the way from Nagqu to Damxung. The area around the station is dotted with grazing sheep and yaks. The railway runs parallel to the Qinghai Tibet highway through the Damxung prefecture. Featured sight on this part is the mystical Eight Pagodas in North Tibet Pasture. Elevation of this station is 4,293 m. (14,085 ft.)

Yampachen Station

Do not miss the road side hot springs in this area. 

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