Galden Jampaling Monastery


The monastery, in Chamdo Town, was founded in 1444 by one of Tsong Khapa's disciples. The monastery has usually kept a close relationship with past Chinese governments. It still has a brass seal granted to its abbot 

Chamdo Galden Jampaling Monastery
by Emperor Kangxi. Well preserved, Chambaling has hundreds of statues of Buddhas and great adepters, thousands of square meters of murals, and magnificent Thangkas, which represent the highest artistic level in Kham. The most famous feature of the monastery is its religious dancing, which is characterized with ferocious and living masks, elegant postures, gorgeous costumes and grant scenes.

Pilgrims continuously circumambulate the walled compound and it's worth following them on at least one circuit. Behind the monastery, to the north of town, trails lead up to a sky burial site.

The monastery is on a hilltop. Enter it from east side and a paved road leads up from the town below. Visit the impressive Tseni Dukhang and the old Khampa weaponry. Back outside, the monastery's enormous kitchen is well worth a look, but only men cna go inside. And the main assembly hall dukhang is particularly impressive, especially when it is packed with hundreds of murmuring monks.

There is no admission fee to enter Jampaling Monastery.

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