Miyaluo Scenic Park


Miyaluo Scenic Area is located in the Lixian County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan China. It is about 263 km. (163.4 mi.) away from Chengdu. As one of the popular places to see in China, Miyaluo Scenic Area is the largest landscape of red autumnal leaves in China and has the most splendid scenery in autumn when Miyaluo is crowded with travelers all over the world. Miyaluo Scenic Area has an area of 3,688 sq. km. (1,423.9 sq. mi.) decorated with maples, birch trees, snow-capped mountains, hot springs and waterfalls.

The magical scenery in four seasons makes Miyaluo be a wonderful landscape in Sichuan China. In spring, you can have an expedition to Miyaluo with the verdant mountains and blossoming peach orchards. The Miyaluo Scenic Area with a temperate climate is one of the famous places to see in China where travelers can enjoy the coolness in summer. In winter, the beauty of snow-capped mountains is the most breathtaking scenery. If you are interested the Aba scenery, please find more information from Northern Sichuan Aba.

However, the autumn is the most wonderful time to visit Miyaluo. At this time, it is transformed into a fairyland with eye-catching red leaves, tranquil blue skies, white clouds, quiet valleys and gurgling creeks. Everything turns to its wonderful color in a year. Here, travelers not only can enjoy the abundant natural beauty, but also can visit local residents to experience the unique culture of the Tibetan and Qiang ethnic minorities. You should not miss the Miyaluo, Sichuan China. It is one of the famous places to see in China.

The social customs in Miyaluo Scenic Area are really colorful and variegated. The giant treasure-house of Tibetan and Qiang ethnic culture is made up of the honest and simple customs of these people. The magnificent ancient stone stockade villages, the sheepskin coat of the Qiang, the coral belt of Tibetan, the characteristic food and architecture are all represent the local unique and colorful culture in Miyaluo. A visit to Miyaluo Scenic Area will give you a wonderful experience.

Gu'ergou Hot Spring is a famous attraction there with the temperature of 40-60 Celsius degree (104-140 Fahrenheit degree). The water contains many micro-elements which are helpful for people's health. When you travel to Miyaluo Sichuan China, you also can visit Zoige Grassland, Hongyuan Grassland, and Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Park. All of them are the wonderful places to see in China.

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