Chimelong Paradise


Chime Long paradise is an amusement park situated in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. Opened in 2006, covering an area of over 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres), it is the largest amusement park in China, boasting “ Eight Bests” both in Asia and in the world.

This is a super paradise for adventure and leisure with the most advanced and high-tech equipment, being regarded as a pearl in the tourism kingdom.

Chime Long Paradise

The Whole Chime long paradise can be divided into six parts, Hubby Kingdom for the families, Scream Zone for adventure, Whirlwind Island of European style, Chime Long Water Paradise with the theme of water, Central acting square, Theme park for leisure.

There are even children' s park for children's 24 hours' requirements.The most outstanding feature we need to note is that “the Eight Bests":

  1. Vertical roller coaster absorbed in 2008 is ratified as “The king of all the top roller coasters”.
  2. Ten rings roller coaster is the second one in the world (the first one is in British).
  3. Motor roller coaster is the first one in the the Eastern Hemisphere.
  4. U shaped skateboarding is the first one in Asia and the biggest in the world. It is also one of the most exciting activities in the park.
  5. Super large pendulum is the latest and coolest thing in the world.
  6. There is the largest special effect theater.
  7. The largest four-dimensional cinema in Asia.
  8. It is famous as the “king of the world's water recreation”, where you can experience Asian first super water war.

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Chime Long Paradise Roller Coaster

Chime Long paradise is a good place not only for fun, for adventure and leisure. In the park, there are also exotic restaurant with good service and delicious food which can add fun to your travel.

It is recommended to spend a whole day here to savor all the best feeling to your heart's content.

Entrance fee:200 RMB

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