Waterwheel Park


Waterwheel Park

Waterwheel Park was set up in Lanzhou Capital of Gansu which is known to be the home of waterwheels on 26 August, 2005.

Composed of waterwheel garden, waterwheel and cultural squares, this modern theme park replays the magnificent view of waterwheels lining both banks of the Yellow River almost fifty years ago.

It is entered by the South Gate which is of a unique wooden structure symbolizing that Lanzhou is city made up of two mountains (Lan Mountain & White Pagoda Mountain and one river, the Yellow River.

At the same time, the wooden framework of the gate coincides with the theme "waterwheel" which is also made of wood. After you enter the park, you'll find yourself in a world of waterwheels.

In the Waterwheel square. dozens of waterwheels of eastern and western styles are on display making it a theme park boasting the most rich and varied waterwheels in the world. In fact, in front of the square, you will see the statue of Duanxu, the pioneer of Lanzhou waterwheels.

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 It shows the pioneer holding a waterwheel designing map and being in deep thought. Among the numerous waterwheels stands a water mill which is used to grind wheat by people in the ancient times.

Waterwheel Park - Lake

In the cultural square, you'll find a souvenir shop, the Yellow River rugged rocks museum, the Lanzhou Modern History Museum and an open air performance square which shows the waterwheel culture from different perspectives.

Waterwheel Park opens from 8:00-18:00 and closes at 20:00 in summer. The Entrance fee is 10 RMB (1.65 USD) per person.


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