What is the best time to Tibet -- the roof of the world


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Have you ever been to Tibet?  If you haven't, then you must have heard of it because Tibet is also known as "Roof of The World" and "The Pilgrims' Heaven". If you are an experienced Traveler, you must know that there are lots of scenic spots having its own best time to visit and Tibet is also no exception. If you have never been there before and you are planning to visit Tibet or just have an impulse that you will go to Tibet some time in the future, there are some suggestions about the best time to visit Tibet and this will definitely be useful to you. 

Peak Season: May To December -- Generally,  the most suitable time to visit Tibet is between May and December. June to August is the peak season. Although it is summer season, the weather is very nice and the air is so fresh in Tibet because of its altitude advantage. The entire districts of Tibet are in the plateau, with the weather of adequate sunshine and low temperature, so it would be very nice to visit Tibet between May to December.

Slack Season: November To April -- The entire months of November to April  is the winter season, the land will be filled with snow and ice, this will bring some inconvenience to your travel and some of its classic scenic spot, such as Namtso Lake, it will freeze during these winter months and you will miss its naturally amazing appearance. Namtso lake is the highest and also the second largest salt-water lake in China and it means the "holy lake" in the language of Zang. It has an altitude of 4,718 m (about 15,479 ft). When it doesn't freeze, you can see its clearly sky blue lake water. Swimming in the lake ,enjoy the moonlight; lying on the green grass, you'll see the twinkling stars and moon much brighter than anywhere else, this kind of feeling is very wonderful and splendid.

A Best Month To Recommend  You -- That is the month of August because each time of this year, the annual Sholton Festival will be held in Lhasa. The Sholton Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan's daily life. In this festival there will be grand Tibetan opera performance and Buddhist-sunning ceremony. You can feel and observe about Tibetans' sincerity to the Buddhist,  you will know how much the Tibetans respect their religion.

However, the suggestions above are general and especially for those who have not been to Tibet before. We say that in each condition there exists an exception, maybe you are not the first time traveler to Tibet but be obsessed with this mysterious land and want to visit Tibet again for some specific desire. The following suggestions will be good for you.

There are some classic and seasonal scenic spots in Tibet and you can only see its best scenery in certain months.

Mount Everest -- Mount Everest is the world's highest peak, if you have a strong desire to enjoy its magnificent sight, the suitable time will be between March to December each year. While the best time will be between April to June and September to October, because these two seasons are dry seasons, the sun is bright,  the wind is a pleasant breeze, what important is that you can clearly see the grand  Mount Everest. The months between July to August, for its rainy season, the view will be blurred and vague. If you happened to see its real appearance between July to August, we have to say that you are really a lucky person.

The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is the world's first Grand Canyon, it is known as the deepest and longest Grand Canyon in the world. The best time here is between April to December, in other months the canyon maybe dried up due to inadequate amount of water, the view will not be as good as it can be.

Nyingchi -- Nyingchi is located in the southeast of Tibet, at an average altitude, which is the lowest in Tibet. The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is in this district. From March to May, it blossoms everywhere with rhododendrons peonies and peach, together with the carpet of green grass, clearly crystal lake water and the great snow mountains. The lake, mountain and the land together add radiance to each other and really creates a visual feast for your eyes.

Other classic scenic spot such as the Potala Palace, Lhasa and Shigatse are suitable for all year round . Although winter is a slack season in traveling Tibet, now it is becoming more and more popular, there are some places you can't go but it is also good to see the snow fall. Meanwhile, travelers in winter are not many so you can avoid the crowd of people and don't need to queue for everything. The price is still much cheaper, the airlines and hotels will give a big discount in this slack season.

So, I think each person may have different needs and choice, you can choose the right time to the holy place according to your own favorite and situations.

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