Visit Beijing by Yangtze River cruise tours


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You can take some days on the Yangtze River Cruise tours and see Beijing attractions to witness a history of China. The first few days you will meet two ancient cities- Beijing and Xi'an where you may feel you are back in the past. Take a excursion to Chengdu Giant Panda Base to have a truly close look at the cute pandas. When you travel to Chongqing, it's a good chance to appreciate the exquisite Dazu Rock Carvings. The memorable Yangtze River Cruises from Chongqing to Yichang has a typical Chinese landscape along the way. Shanghai is the final destination where it shows a modern and energetic China. If you are interested in these scenic spots, please look at: Historical China and Yangtze Cruise Tour.

When travelers talk about amazing Beijing attractions, you have to mention Temple of Heaven. In ancient times, emperors regard it as the most sacred place that only Temple of Heaven can directly communicate with God. Many travelers should not miss The Echo Wall and Circular Mound Altar in Temple of Heaven to experience its magic that attempts to talk with God like emperors did in the past. Travel to Xi'an, you must-see Terracotta Warriors. There is a huge army which has thousands of warriors and horses, chariots and weapons for protecting the Chinese Emperor Qin Shihuang. To most traveler surprise, every soldier has their own distinct expressions. If you want to travel to Beijing and Xi'an, please look at: Highlights of Beijing and Xi'an Tour

Ever since the Chongqing's Dazu Rock Carvings was accidently discovered, it is reputed as the China's highest artistic attainment and demonstrates the most exquisite skills. It has over 1,500 years of long history and has hardly suffered any destruction. There are 5 parts of attractions highly recommend to travelers when you visit there, the rock carvings in Beishan, Baodingshan, Shizhuanshan, Nanshan and Shimenshan. Different from beautiful scenery in Yangtze River and Beijing attractions, Chengdu Giant Panda Base provides a unique experience - Close to Pandas! It's the only chance around world that be a volunteer and take care of pandas in Chengdu Giant Panda Base. To get more information about being a volunteer for the pandas, please look at: 1 Day Volunteer Work for Panda at Chengdu

Yantze River Cruises is altogether 600 km. (373 mi.) long and starts from White Emperor City in Chongqing and ends up at Yichang. Lying on the bank of Yangtze River. Yichang is an ancient city which can date back to 4,000 years ago. The splendid Three Gorges Dam Project located there which makes Yichang become an important part along the Yangtze River. Shanghai is situated on the estuary of Yangtze River and it is the most modern city in China. Most travelers regard Shanghai as the best place to enjoy both Western culture and Chinese traditions. Here, it's worth your time to visit The Bund, Nanjing Road and Yuyuan Garden as attractions in Shanghai. You can get more information about Travel to Shanghai at: Highlights Tour in Shanghai.

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