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Would you like to visit the most popular places where emperors lived? Here, every traveler will be dazzled by the glorious palaces: the Forbidden City and the Potala Palace. Both of them are worth to visit although they are in different places. You can catch a Tibet train there after visiting the famous attractions in Beijing. You should not miss the most wonderful part of the journey. You can take in the whole view of the beautiful scenery while you are sitting on the way to Tibet. If you want to join in a Beijing-Tibet tour, please look at WindhorseTour's China Highlights And Tibet Train Tour.

The Forbidden City, located in the middle of Beijing, was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty and now houses the Palace Museum. Nowadays, the Forbidden City is open to the travelers from both home and abroad. The Potala Palace which is located in Lhasa is also a glorious palace. If you want to know more about the Lhasa tours, please look at China Tibet Express Tour for more information. It was the chief residence of the Dalai Lama until the 14th Dalai Lama fled to Dharamsala, India, during the 1959 Tibetan uprising. The refulgence of the Potala Palace can be comparable with the Forbidden City's but the styles of the architectures are different.

The splendid painted decoration on these royal architectural wonders with the surprisingly magnificent treasures will certainly satisfy all travelers from all over the world. Do you know why it is called "The Forbidden City"? In the ancient time, the Chinese Astronomers believed that the purple Star (Polaris) was in the center of heaven where the Heavenly Emperor lived. The palace for emperor on the earth was so called the Purple City which was forbidden to enter without special permission of the emperor. Therefore, the palace was called "The Purple Forbidden City". It is usually used as "The Forbidden City" by many people.

As one of the famous attractions in Beijing, you can walk inside of the Forbidden City. You may be surprised about the color of the palace while you are walking around. The roofs of the palace, the decorations of the palace, even the bricks on the ground are all yellow. Don't be surprised since yellow was the symbol of the royal family and you can easily find that yellow is the dominant color in the Forbidden City. The palace has two primary parts: the Outer Court and the Inner Court. Travelers can enter into the palace from the Meridian Gate or the Gate of Divine Might. But it is impossible for you to see every corner of the palace in a single day. You can find more information from China Highlight Cities & Tibet Odyssey.

When you catch a train to Tibet, you will be able to visit the Potala Palace. Situated on the Red Hill of central Lhasa, the Potala Palace is the world's highest ancient palace which was built at an altitude of 3,700 m. (12,100 ft.). The Potala Palace, an ancient architecture, is regarded as a model of Tibetan architecture. It is composed of 2 parts: the Red Palace as the center and the White Palace as two wings.

The Red Palace is completely devoted to religious study and Buddhist prayer. It consists of a complicated layout of many different halls, chapels and libraries on many different levels with a complex array of smaller galleries and winding passages. The White Palace makes up the living quarters of the Dalai Lama. As its name, the wall of the White Palace was painted to white to convey peace and quiet. If you intend to catch a train to Tibet from Beijing, do not forget to take your camera. The attractions in Tibet are the best places for photography.Ready for your amazing Tibet tour?

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