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Have you already seen the old architecture of Beijing? Do you want to see modern architectures in Beijing? Then travel to Beijing, luckily you have many options to pick. Here, WindhorseTour, your China travel agency, recommends these highlighted architectures in Beijing you can't miss!

  1. CCTV Headquarters
  2. Bird's Nest
  3. Water Cube

CCTV Headquarters (China Central Television) - This is an ultramodern architecture: the whole building looks like a combination of two letters - "L" and "Z". The full surface is covered with glass and irregular grid. Due to CCTV Headquarters distinct shape, Beijingers are accustomed to call its nickname "Da Ku Cha (大裤衩 Dà Kù Chǎ)", which means a pair of trousers.

Bird's nest (鸟巢 Niǎo Cháo) - It was a big success and is a landmark architecture in China. This was specially built for Beijing Olympic Game in 2008. Generally to describe it looks like a large iron bird's nest. When you come to see it, you can't imagine the whole building is made with iron, which is flexibly twisted to form the combination design.  

Water Cube (水立方 Shuǐ Lì Fāng) - It looks similarly like a blue rectangle. Also located in Beijing Olympic Parks and it was used for the swimming competition in 2008. You can clearly see many blue cube bubbles cover the surface, which seems fragile. However, it can withstand a car moving on the top. In general, we can see lightly blue similar with water from swimming pool. At night, the lights inside shows different colors, which make Water Cube beautiful. 

Its a good view to see these magnificent architectures and admire the outlook. It will give you quick sightseeing of the Olympic National Park and CCTV Headquarters. Tips here: the entrance fees of Bird's nest and Water Cube are additional. 

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