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The three most featured ancient cities in China which you shouldn't miss are Beijing, Xi'an and Pingyao. Beijing is the modern China's capital city where it retains numerous historical relics. The things to do in Beijing is to witness the ancient worshipping at Temple of Heaven, hiking to the Mutianyu Great Wall and experience the real-life in Hutong. Exploring in Pingyao where it is less known and retains rich history in China. Here, you'll meet Ming Qing Street, Ancient Government Office and Wang Family Compound to name a few. Xi'an is the most ancient capital city in Chinese history. When you visit Xi'an attractions, the most attractive place is Terracotta Warriors and it is also worth to see the Xi'an City Wall and many more places. You can get more information about the Beijing, Pingyao and Xi'an at: Visit Three Ancient City in China Tour.

Things to do in Beijing - The Impressive Temple of Heaven
In ancient times, Temple of Heaven was regarded as the only place to communicate with God and only Emperors could do this. This place is full of typical Chinese architecture and it's area is larger than of Forbidden City in Beijing. WindhorseTour expertly recommends you The Echo Wall and Circular Mound Altar as the highlights to visit at Temple of Heaven. Surprising thing is that when travelers stand and say something on the Circular Mound Altar, the voice will become rather resonant. Things to do in Beijing that you should catch the chance of talking with God about your wishes. To get more information about things to do in Beijing, please look at: Best to see in Beijing Tour.

Pingyao - The Traditional Ming Qing Street

The ancient Ming Qing in Pingyao was the noisiest center of business during the old time. This is not a very wide street and various kinds of shops are orderly arranged along the street. All the shops were built with bricks and stones that is completely in the style of Ming and Qing architecture. Meander down the Ming Qing Street, you can not only feel the atmosphere of the past prosperous businesses but also appreciate the deep ancient designs of the buildings. Don't miss the chance to taste some delicious Pingyao local foods, such as: savory beef and "Wantuo" with a unique flavor. If you plan to visit Pingyao, you may be interested in: Travel to Beijing and Pingyao Tour.

Xi'an Attractions - The Amazing Terracotta Warriors
Travelers who have been to Xi'an say that Xi'an attractions will leave you with a deep impression, especially the Terracotta Warriors. There are thousands of soldiers, horses and coaches that has been standing on under the ground for over 2,000 years long for protecting Emperor Qin Shihuang. Every soldier has a distinctive expression and all of them face to the east. When Qin Shihuang started to build his tomb he was just 13 years old in the year 246 BC. The reason why Emperor Qin spent so much time and money to built his tomb was that he wanted to control the empire in his afterlife. Don't forget to visit other Xi'an attractions like Xi'an City Wall where you can see a best-preserved city wall has protected Xi'an for over 600 years. You can get more information about travel to Xi'an attractions at: Best Xi'an 3 Day Tour.

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