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Have you ever dreamt of taking a Silk Road journey? Over the half month, you will visit nine unique cities located on the Silk Road. If it sounds exciting, don’t hesitate to join the 18 Day Silk Road Explorer Trip. You will not only appreciate spectacular attractions but also experience a special camel ride and short train trip. This blog will focus on Sunday Bazaar, Mogao Grottoes and Jiayuguan Pass. The three attractions to let you have a brief insight in to the place before you go to this unique place.

Sunday Bazaar is situated at Kashgar which is the key city of the Silk Road. It’s so named because of a special tradition that the bazaar was originally held only on Sundays in ancient time. This is a fascinating place that is filled with various things, such as handicrafts, local specialties and second hand items as well as large number of foreign products like crafts from Pakistan. No matter whether you want to buy or not, you will be happy to see these variety of products. What’s more, you’ll experience an ancient peculiar trade form of barter at Sunday Bazaar. Don’t miss this moment which is rare to see in today's modern times.

If you haven’t heard or visited Mogao Grottoes, then you must visit this place in your Silk Road trip as a part of your China tour! Perhaps it’s the most important place to witness the long history of Silk Road. It comes from a history of 1,000 years ago and till now Mogao Grottoes keeps the beautiful and mystery caves, attracts lots of travelers. The great art was designed by many dynasties; it has best-preserved with 750 caves. The most exquisite murals in Mogao Grottoes that must be mentioned are the Flying Apsaras. A beautiful girl dancing and singing inside the many caves for thousands years is still waiting for you. Are you eager to visit the extraordinary girl and other murals? Please look at: Explore Silk Road and Visit Tibet Tour.

Would you like to try climbing up a Great Wall built on the ridge, which is inclined at 45 degrees and its height makes it look as it is falling down from the hill? It is called Suspended Great Wall, which lies on the Jiayuguan Pass and it was constructed back in 1372. Jiayuguan Pass was praised as “The First and Greatest Pass in The World”. It is the starting point of Great Wall also is the major point on Silk Road. Until now, you will see a best-preserved Great Wall and main section in your Silk Road journey at: 11 Day tour of Silk Road and visiting Jiayuguan.

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