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Tourists who travel to China would love to experience Chinese cultures along with seeing the popular places. If you travel to China and book one of the China tours in autumn, you have made a smart decision. Autumn is the most attractive and pleasant time for tourists to travel to China. During this time you come across a festive season – the Mooncake Festival, National Holiday and Chung Yeung Festival in autumn. Among these traditional Chinese festivals, the Mooncake Festival is worth sharing with you.

The Mooncake Festival, also called as The Mid-Autumn Festival, is one of the grandest and traditional festivals in China. Sichuan is a great place to explore, during this mild season on the Mooncake Festival, foliage turning their colors. To view beautiful fall foliage, you are recommended two China tours – Huangshan tour and a tour to Jiuzhaigou, where it is a good place for autumn scenery. Do you want to know more information about these China tours, then please look at WindhorseTour: 14 Day Photography Tour and Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Double National Park Tour.

If you plan to travel to China during autumn, you will have a good chance to see some traditional celebration and festival activities in China, such as the Lantern’s Show and the vibrant Dragon Dances. Tourists are recommended to take a tour to Chengdu, the provincial city of Sichuan province to visit the Wuhou Temple or the Dufu Cottage where these activities are held there. For more information please look at WindhorseTour: Chengdu City 1 Day Tour and 6 Day Tour from Chengdu to Langzhong's Ancient City.

In this year, the Mooncake Festival falls on 30th September. Chinese people celebrate this festival according to the lunar date, on lunar calendar's 15th August, when the moon is the fullest. Chinese people will gather together, eat the moon cakes and see the full moon at the same time. The moon cake is a traditional pastry and till now you can find with everything from original sesame seeds and sugar to today’s sunflower seeds, peanuts and raisins. If you travel to China, don’t forget to join a traditional Chinese family and have a special experience during the Mooncake Festival.

For various modes of transports, tourists are recommended to take the train and the plane to travel in China. The fact is that you may meet big crowds in the autumn, when it is regarded as the golden time for tourists. Along with Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, the Mooncake Festival is another important traditional festival in China. Book a tour to China and just immerse yourself in a different culture while seeing the color of fall.

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