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Where can you see the deep Chinese culture? It's a bit hard to say, as you know that many places in China retain their classical cultures. Here, WindhoresTour expertly recommends you Beijing and Datong which are the most featured in Chinese culture cities. Visit Beijing attraction, the first and must-visit is The Forbidden City. The itinerary of Beijing should also include hiking adventure at Shixiaguan Great Wall and have a glimpse of modern Beijing. Take a train journey to Datong where it has the famous Yungang Grottoes and China's oldest glazed screen Nine Dragon Screen. To get more information about Datong and Beijing attraction please look at: Beijing and Datong Tour.

The Forbidden City - The Must See Beijing Attraction
The Forbidden City as the most precious Beijing attraction and it deserves the reputation. It is the world's largest imperial palace and located at the center of Beijing. It used to be the home to royal family of 24 emperors in the Chinese history and wasn't open to public in ancient times. The great chance is now that you can get in without any royal permit and experience the imposing architecture of the palace in Beijing. Besides, as it has a large area to visit around that you should wear comfortable trainer and clothes. The other famous Beijing attraction - Tiananmen Square was the front door of the Forbidden City. You can get more information about Beijing attraction at: Beijing Highlights Tour.

Beijing Attraction - Hiking in Shixiaguan Great Wall

Shixiaguan Great Wall is less known among Beijing attraction, which is one of best-preserved Great Wall. In fact, it's a must for hiking enthusiasts keen to enjoy a real Great Wall in Beijing. Shixiaguan Great Wall provides more excursion and natural beauty. The wall trails across ridges and drops down into steep canyons and the wild terrain. Generally, hiking will be for about 4 hours for most travelers. If you want to go Shixiaguan Great Wall then you must be aware of the demanding physical nature of the place. Anytime you visit Shixiaguan Great Wall, it will show you a distinctive scenery. If you are interested in a hiking journey in Great Wall, please look at: Beijing Adventure for Active Travelers.

Visit Datong - See Splendid Yungang Grottoes
The most famous attraction in Datong for the travelers has to be the Yungang Grottoes. It is one of three famous cave cluster in China which was built in 450 A.D. The grottoes was excavated along a mountain and extending 1 km. (about half a mile) from east to west. Altogether it displays 53 caves and over 51,000 stone statues. The creation style of Yungang Grottoes comes from the Indian Buddhist art along with Chinese traditional art. The special caves that are worth seeing are No. 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 which shows the essence artistic of Yungang Grottoes, Datong. If you are interested in knowing more about the ancient cities in China, please look at: Beijing-Datong-Xi'an-Pingyao Tour.

Even if you haven't heard about Datong, travel to this ancient city and see the impressive attractions. The train ride from Beijing to Datong will be about 6 hours. You can enjoy the chance of experiencing a local train trip in China. For more attractive information about Beijing and Datong please look at: Impressive Two Cities in China Tour.

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