Top 3 Chengdu attractions to visit in a day


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Chengdu attractions draw hundreds of thousands people each year. Travel to Chengdu enables you to enjoy picturesque landscapes, scrumptious food, superb traditional performances and fun shopping. This article tells you where to go and things to do in the city if you are planning a one day Chengdu tour.

Dufu Thatched Cottage - Chengdu

Chengdu Attractions

The top 3 Chengdu attractions you should not miss when you travel to Chengdu: Thatched Cottage of Dufu, Wenshu Monastery and Wangjiang Park. These are one of the best thing to do in Chengdu during your tour to see the sights and scenes of the city.

Thatched Cottage of Dufu is a peaceful park and museum in honor of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu at the western outskirts of Chengdu, which is a typical Chengdu attraction. In 759 A.D. Du Fu moved to Chengdu, built a thatched hut near the Flower Rinsing Creek and lived there for four years. The "thatched hut" period was the peak of Du Fu's creativity, during which he wrote 240 poems.

Today’s Thatched Cottage of Dufu, covering an area of 24 hectares (60 acres) and has several amazing structures. The Fan'an Temple on the east side and the Plum Garden on the west are two main sides, which have architectural style of the Qing Dynasty: with gardens in the unique compound style of traditional Chinese gardening.

Wenshu Monastery - Chengdu

In the Thatched Cottage of Dufu, you can enjoy quiet gardens, winding streams, interwoven bridges and pavilions, and lofty trees and blossoming flowers. All of these can relax you down and bring you into Chinese traditional culture ambience.

Wenshu Monastery is another hot spot when you travel to Chengdu. Cultural relics are the highlights of Wenshu Monastery. In the Sutra-Preservation Pavilion, you can find loads of handwritings and paintings, all are created by renowned Chinese painters and calligraphers.

Another treasure is a delicate jade Buddha statue brought from Burma to China in  1922 A.D. by Xing Lin, a Buddhist monk who walked the whole distance.

In addition, the monastery houses some 300 Buddha statues of various materials including iron, bronze, stone, wood and jade, some gloriously painted. In addition to its cultural relics, Wenshu Monastery is famous for its exquisite garden and solemn halls.

Wangjiang Tower Chengdu
Wangjiang Park is a great place of interest in which visitors can relax as it is one of three famous cultural relics in Chengdu attractions. Wangjiang Park honors a famous and beautiful Tang Dynasty female poet, Xue Tao.

History records show that she wrote 500 poems and that her contemporaries greatly admired her work. River View Tower (Chongli Tower) is the most splendid building in Wanjiang Park, with 39 m. (128 ft.) high in to the sky.

There are four floors, the upper two octagonal and the lower two square. The ridge of each floor has exquisite birds and animal statues made from clay, plus engravings of human figures. Other buildings like Yinshi (poems-chanting) Building, Wuyunxian (five fairy clouds) Hall and Qingwan (refreshing and pretty) House are elegantly arranged, featuring Sichuan-style gardens. Bamboos in Wangjiang Park will catch your attention deeply, with over 150 kinds of bamboo from China and abroad growing in the park. 

Tea ceremony in Chengdu
You should also know the things to do in Chengdu during your tour. Shopping in Wenshu Monastery is cheap and bargaining is fun. You can get Chengdu souvenirs including: Shu brocade and Shu embroidery, lacquer wares and bamboo products as well as some interesting handicrafts.

Drinking tea in tea houses in Wangjia Park lets you experience the mood of indolence of local Chengdu people. You can also enjoy elegant tea ceremony in some tea houses. If you are lucky, you will have chance to enjoy Sichuan Opera in Wangjiang Park, which is on show only occasionally.

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