To see my little frogs at the pond of Jinli Old Street


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Thu, 08/11/2011 - 11:22 -- Maria

Jinli Old Street is located in the east of the Wuhou Memorial Temple, Chengdu. It is an ideal destination for visitors to stroll around while buying something special and taste different kinds of delicious Chengdu snacks. It feathers not only ancient atmosphere but integration of ancient and modern Chengdu. 

Several months ago, I paid a visit there. To my surprise, I found a group of small tadpoles with big heads, dark gray bodies and long tails, happily swimming in their pond. The essay “Little Tadpoles are looking for Mom” comes to my mind immediately. To find out the true transformation of a tadpole to frog, I took some tadpoles home to watch the transition process.

They don’t have arms and legs at first, very similar to a fish. A tadpole matures by gradually growing limbs (usually the legs first, followed by the arms) and then its tail disappeared. I know it is time to send them back, so I took them back to the little pond of Jili Street. Now they are often in my dream rest on lotus leaves and plants with their large mouth greeting me.

I will go there someday to see my little frogs in the pond of Jinli Old Street.

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