Sanya - A top winter destination in China


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Bathing under gorgeous sunshine in Sanya! An ideal place to kill the long winter days. If you have this in mind, welcome to Sanya beach in Hainan Island. Located in subtropical district, it's winter is like no other that you can ever imagine!

Sanya is a heavenly tourism resort in the south of Hainan Island. Travel to Sanya this winter with WindhorseTour to have a totally different winter experience.  For more information about this please look at WindhorseTour's China Discovery Tours.

Sanya Attraction - Tianyahaijiao
If you take a Beijing tour this winter, you might find the winter to be a bit cold, so why not add Sanya as your warm destination in your tours China for some sunshine.

Seaside is a perfect place for resorts and relaxation. Shadow casting on Sanya beach, palm trees waving in winds, close couples lying under a big umbrella, children running beside the wave, leaving laughter in the air, all these draw a lively seaside picture.

If you come to Sanya, you will find the sea and clouds are different from other parts.

In Hainan Island, the sea is deep in closer and shallow in distance. If you are lying on the beach and staring at the blue sky, you will think that the sea is in heaven and sky is on the sea. This is just a popular tourist attraction called Tianya Haijiao Resort in Sanya, where it is a hot spot attracting countless visitors to come here every year.

It is a good choice to spend your winter days in Sanya, when the temperature is about 27 - 28 degrees Celsius (80 - 82 degrees Fahrenheit). Tourists can enjoy the warm weather in Sanya while other places are still cold.

You can wear your summer clothes, your beach sandals, walking on the warm sands or in warm water. Some people call Hainan the “Shine Hainan”, for here even in winter that tourists can get plenty of sunshine. Want to find more about this? Please look at WindhorseTour's China SightseeingTours.

Sanya's symbol - Nanhaiguanyin

Another popular attractions of Sanya is Mt. Nan (The South Mountain). Mt. Nan located in China’s the only tropical coastal city – Sanya, is the southernmost mountain in China. The facilities in Mt. Nan Cultural Tourism Resort are all well-equipped.

The symbol of Nan Shan (Shan meaning “mountain” in Mandarin) is a 108 m (354 ft.) statue of Nanhai Guanyin. Under the blue sky, the statue seems more kind and holy. Actually, Nan Shan is a place to spread the Buddhism.

Nan Shan is renowned as the auspicious place. A famous saying “福如东海,寿比南山(Pinyin: fú rú dōng hǎi shòu bǐ nán shān)” is just the words Chinese people would say when giving the old bless, which means that hoping the old can live a longer life.

In this ancient Chinese phrase, in a way it points out the origin between Nan Shan and the longevity culture.

Diving is as amazing adventure for tourists. Diving is no longer a wish, but an activity that can bring you much surprise. Imagine you are diving in the water, shafts of bright sunlight casting to countless stars.

You will be amazed by the colorful mix of undersea creatures. You will love to appreciate such a wonderful, romantic, comfortable and lively underwater world. 

Diving in Sanya

Hainan Island is China’s largest coral Nature Reserve with colorful tropical fishes as well as a wide variety of shellfishes, submarine plants and rich marine resources, making Hainan Island a perfect place for diving.

Currently, there are the Big East Sea, West Island, Yuzhizhou Island, Yalong Bay, Small East Sea and Fenjiezhou Island totally 6 bases open for diving.

Sanya will bring you lots of surprises than you have ever imagined. Pursue a fantastic experience on Sanya Beach in winter.

Interested in diving? Remember to say “Hi” to these lovely colorful tropical creatures. Always believe your Sanya time will be an amazing and memorable one life experience forever. Travel to Sanya with WindhorseTour-a top China travel agency, and make the amazing adventure time in Hainan Island. Sanya warmly welcomes you this winter.

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