Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Beijing


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Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival, which is one of the most important Chinese festivals. During the Chinese New Year, thousands of people travel to China to visit tons of attractions. A classic tour from the WindhorseTour: Classic China Tour, enables you to enjoy the most attractive cities in China during the Chinese New Year and there are some stimulating things to do in Beijing in this tour. Of course, if you choose to travel to Sichuan during the Chinese New Year, you can also get lots of fun. Chengdu shopping in Chinese New Year will bring loads of valuable souvenirs to you as well.

You should not miss the historical and cultural city – Beijing when you travel to China during the Chinese New Year. Local people have some unique things to do in Beijing and all those things are of high traditional value. Jiaozi (dumplings with meat and vegetable stuffing) is one of the delicious and traditional foods Beijing people must eat at the first day of the Chinese New Year. Most of the families make Jiaozi by themselves, for this tradition can increase the family bonds. Splendid fireworks shine in the sky of Beijing nearly all nights during the Chinese New Year and the cracking sounds of firecrackers can be heard everywhere. The Temple Fairs (fairs held at various temples) are a kind of mass gatherings that integrate religious worship, entertainment and commerce. In Temple Fairs, hundreds of booths demonstrating and selling traditional arts and crafts, and there are lots of games to play, food to eat, folk performances to enjoy. The Lantern Festival symbolizes the end of the Chinese New Year and people in Beijing and other cities will light many sparkling lanterns in multitudes of shapes.

When you travel to China during the Chinese New Year, the following things to do in Beijing will add pleasant and fun to your tour. Tasting Jiaozi in one of the authentic Beijing restaurants, furthermore, if you can learn to make Jiaozi by yourself, you can get more interests and apprehend the Chinese culture deeply. Watching fantastic fireworks is a total feast for your eyes. You must go to join one of the Temple Fairs, where you can buy adorable handicrafts, eat Beijing Cuisine, appreciate folk arts and play traditional Chinese games. If you are still in Beijing at the Lantern Festival, learning to make a Chinese lantern and lighting it at night with other people, you can get good luck in the next year. Other things to do in Beijing like watching a dragon dance and lighting incenses in one of the temples are also for your choice.

There are more exciting things to do in China when you travel to China during the Chinese New Year, such as Chengdu shopping, which can offer you more special goods than normal times. Following recommended tours should to be taken in to account when you plan to travel to China during the Chinese New Year. The Classic China Tour to Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Shanghai 13 Days takes you to 3 must-see cities in eastern China, which includes a memorable hike along the Great Wall. While the East China Tour to Shanghai - Hangzhou - Suzhou - Nanjing - 12 Daysmakes you to enjoy eastern China with an in-depth look at fascinating natural scenery. The Chengdu City Tour enable you enjoy top Chengdu attractions in 1 day. You can also choose a Sichuan Tour and enjoy nearly all top attractions of Sichuan during the Chinese New Year.

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