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You shouldn't miss the most popular adventure tour which includes China's most pure land - Lhasa and the charming Yangtze River Cruise. This adventure trip starts with ancient Xi'an and Beijing attractions where it leaves you with a impression of the traditional Chinese. Taking a transfer travel to Tibet, you'll visit Lhasa, Tsedang and two famous Tibetan holy lakes. The unforgettable Yangtze River Cruise from Chongqing to Yichang which has the essence scenery such as The Three Gorges. The last part of the trip will end up at Shanghai where it is China's most prosperous city. You can get more information about this most popular trip at: Tibet and Yangtze River Cruise Tours.

Travel to Tibet to See the Imposing Potala Palace
Travel to Tibet and the experienced travelers will remind you that you must not miss Lhasa the capital city of Tibet. Lhasa is the city full of pure atmosphere which is different from Beijing attractions. It has over 1,000 years of history and it is the world's highest city. The most popular attractions in Lhasa are The Potala Palace, Norbulingka and Jokhang Temple. The imposing Potala Palace is a must-see when you travel to Tibet, which is the world's highest palace. It's major structure composed of Red Palace and White Palace. Anytime you travel to Tibet, there are many pilgrims worshipping along the way to Potala Palace.

Travel to Tibet - Visit The Holy Yamdrok Lake

Both Namtso and Yamdrok Lake are listed in three holy lakes of Tibet and is not far from Lhasa. Namtso means Heavenly Lake in Tibetan, it's China's second largest saltwater lake. The most beautiful part of Namtso is that the water like a crystal-clear blue as if only seen in a fairy land. It's said that Yamdrok Lake is the avatar of a goddess. Lying under the sunshine, the Yamdrok Lake seems like a bright mirror. Travel to Tibet, the most popular activity is take a yak ride along these two fascinating lakes. If you want to see the amazing lakes when you travel to Tibet, you may interested at: Tibet Odyssey and Chinese Highlights Cities Tour.

Yangtze River - The China's Most Famous Cruise Tour
Yangtze River was regarded as the Mother River in Chinese, the wonderful trip starts from Chongqing till it reaches Yichang. Cruising upstream along the Yangtze River it will give you a memorable with typical Chinese landscapes sightseeing. The shore excursions to Shenlongjia is the most attractive of this cruise tour. During the time on cruise, you'll appreciate the Three Gorges whilst it also covers the charming less known scenic spots. As you arrive at Yichang, take a bus to the great Three Gorges Dam project as your final Yangtze River Cruise journey. You can Get more information about Yangtze River Cruise at: Yangtze River Discovery Tour.

Within half a month, you will experience Chinese ancient time at Beijing attractions and Xi'an city, travelers' dream - land Lhasa as well as a memorable cruise on the Yangtze River and ending at China's most modern city - Shanghai. Anytime you can travel to these places in China, all these places are waiting for you at: Tibet and Yangtze River Tour.

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