Three holy lakes in Tibet


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If you are traveling to China, then you should seriously think about visiting the three holy lakes in Tibet. Tibet's Three Holy Lakes - both fresh and saltwater lakes - are Namco Lake, Yamdrok Lake and Manasarovar Lake. On the roof of the world, Tibet has been enchanting visitors for decades. Who ever has traveled to Tibet has undoubtedly lingered in this land of pure beauty and Tibet's Three Holy Lakes are definitely worth a linger, because they show the world exactly what pureness means. Tibet's.  Here is a guide to tell you a little more about these lakes of pure beauty.

Namtso Lake - Heavenly Lake, Tibet
Namtso Lake -- ​It is at an elevation of 4,700 m. (15,479 ft.) above sea level. Namtso Lake, which means "Heavenly Lake" in Tibetan, is the highest saltwater lake in the world. It covers an area of 1,920 sq. km. (740 sq mi) and has a maximum depth of 33 m (108 ft). When the ice melts in late April, Namtso Lake awakens with an amazing scenery and wildlife. After the dead calm of winter, the blue sky, snowcapped mountains and budding flowers are mirrored in the lake. Every year, pilgrims journey to Namtso Lake to be baptized. Many claim they felt as if their souls had been purified by the water of Namtso Lake. Namtso Lake's rainy season is from June to September. In October and November, the roads to Namtso Lake are usually blocked by snow.

Yamdrok Lake - The Coral Lake, Tibet

Yamdrok Lake -- Located 100 km (62 mi) southwest of Lhasa it is at an elevation of 4,441 m. (14,570 ft.). Yamdrok is the largest interior lake on the northern foot of the Himalayan Mountains. Yamdrok Lake in Tibetan has a pretty vivid name: "The Coral Lake," because its various fingers gives it a branch-like appearance very similar to a coral. Yamdronk Lake is famous for its crystal clear water, it's surface is as smooth as a mirror and the water us turquoise-blue. All of which is why Yamdrok Lake is known for being one of the most beautiful waters in the world. Yamdrok Lake is especially charming in Autumn against a backdrop of lakeside with Tibetan Homes and snowcapped mountains in the distance.

Manasarovar Lake- Highest freshwater lake, Tibet
Manasarovar Lake -- Situated at 20km southeast of Mt. Kailash to the north of Namnani Peak, Manasarovar Lake is the highest freshwater lake in the world. With an altitude of 4,590 m. (15,060 ft.), Manasarovar Lake covers an area of 410 sq. km. (160 sq.  mi.) and has a maximum depth of 70 m. (300 ft.). The sandy shoreline creates a canvas for the sapphire-blue water. That is what makes Manasarovar Lake  completely different from the other two holy lakes.The best time to make a tour to Manasarovar Lake  is beween mid-May and mid-October, when the weather is generally stable, clear and warm during the day and cool in the night.

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