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Travel To Shanghai - Your Wonderful Journey
Spend about 5 days in Shanghai and Suzhou, you will be able to visit all of the famous attractions such as Yuyuan Garden, Tongli Water Town and the Master of the Nets Garden. You should never miss these top attractions when you travel to Shanghai. You will get more information from Shanghai/Suzhou With Tongli Water Town Tour. WindhorseTour will guide you to visit these three unique classical cities of eastern China. You will have a wonderful experience in Suzhou's classical gardens and China's financial capital Shanghai.

A combination of both modern and classical scenery, the tour will give an amazing experience with the different cultures between Shanghai and Suzhou. When you travel to Shanghai, you will see the city's past, present and future. While you are visiting Suzhou, you will see Chinese superb architectural skills in the masterful gardens. Then, a trip to Tongli Water Town will impress you with its tranquil and gentle feeling. You should not miss such an attractive journey in your China tour. You can find more information from Glimpse of China Tour about traveling in China.

Travel To Yuyuan Garden
When you travel to Shanghai, you should not miss the Yuyuan Garden which is a famous classical garden in Shanghai. Yuyuan Garden was built during the Ming Dynasty and is now one of the key relic sites in the country under state protection. With a history more than 400 years, Yuyuan Garden is divided into six general areas with constructed landscapes mimicking natural scenery of rocks, hills and rivers with strategically located pavilions and pagodas. It is a wonderful place for taking photos and walking around. If you are interested in the Shanghai tour, you can find more information from WindhorseTour's Shanghai City Highlights & Outskirts Tour.

Tongli Water Town - One Of The Most Popular Towns In China
Tongli Water Town is some 18 km. (11 mi.) from Suzhou and 80 km. (49 mi.) from Shanghai. With a history more than 1,000 years, Tongli Water Town is very well preserved and is now a very popular tourism destination in eastern China. It is very rich in cultural heritage. The highlights here are traditional residences including gardens, horses and temples built in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Besides, bridges are an important part in the Tongli Water Town. Taiping Bridge, Jili Bridge and Changqing Bridge are the three most famous bridges among the 49 bridges. When you travel to Shanghai and Suzhou, the Tongli Water Town is strongly recommended for you. If you are interested in the other tours, please find more information from WindhorseTour's Taste of China with Tibet Tour.

The Master Of The Nets Garden In Suzhou
The Master of the Nets Garden in Suzhou is among the finest gardens in China. The garden demonstrates Chinese garden designers' adept skills for synthesizing art, nature and architecture to create unique metaphysical masterpieces. The Master of the Nets Garden consists of a residential quarter and the garden. Inside the refined residential quarter, the halls are linked closely by a corridor. The garden, petite but substantial, is focused on a pond and decorated with plants, rocks, pavilions and stone bridges. It is also regarded as a must-visit attraction in Suzhou. You can look at Shanghai-Hangzhou-Suzhou Tour for more information.

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