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Any season is good to visit Mt. Huangshan and you will be able to view distinct scenery. In spring, nature seems to draw a colorful picture: flowers, trees and animals come in to life and decorate Mt. Huangshan. In the summer, the weather is cool and autumn is similar with summer, which does not have high temperature. The winter in Mt. Huangshan shows a icy wonderland to travelers: mountains and trees are entirely covered with ice and snow, also in winter it has the most beautiful Huangshan sunrise.

Bright Summit with beautiful Sunrise in Mt. Huangshan, China
Day 2 -- This is an important day that you'll see a full sightseeing. You may not want to get up earlier than the sunrise, but Hunashan sunrise will worth it. Follow your tour guide to a good viewpoint and wait for the sun to appear on the horizon. The most exciting time is the breaking of dawn after you have waited for so long in the dark. With the sun becoming more bigger and sparkling, it gives you an amazing feeling. When the sun has completely appeared in the sky, it's time to continue on the last day's trip. This day you will visit Cloud-dispelling Pavilion, Flying-over Peak and Bright Summit.

Cloud-dispelling Pavilion (Pái Yǖn Tíng, 排云亭), which was set up in 1935 A. D. It's the best place to appreciate the distinct rocks of West Sea in Mt. Huangshan. Tier upon tier of mountains hide or reappear in the clouds and with the mist now and then, which seems like many lonely lands on the huge mist of sea. West Sea belongs to one of 4  famous sea of clouds attractions in Mt. Huangshan. Believe it or not, you'll find yourself standing above the sea of clouds.

After about 1 km. (0.5 mi.) trekking along the stone path from Cloud-dispelling Pavilion, you will reach Flying-over Peak (Fēi Lái Shí, 飞来石). When you see this place it surprisingly seems like a rock which has fallen from the sky. In fact, the Flying-over Peak and the flat rock at its bottom has been intact over the centuries. You can closely touch the Flying-over Peak and suppose it will fly away immediately? Why don't have the try?

Magic Flying-over Peak in Mt. Huangshan, China

Heading to the next destination- Bright Summit (Guāng Míng Dǐng, 光明顶). During the distance from Flying-over Peak, you will walk pass many steep path and cliffs. Take every step with caution and if you need to, then slow down on this segment. The Bright Summit located in central part of Mt. Huangshan, and is the second highest peak which is 1,840 m. (6,036 ft.) above sea level. It's name comes from the reason that it has longer sunlight than the other peaks. It's also one of the best place to view spacious sea of clouds.

After visited the Bright Summit, along the nearest route to White Goose Ridge Cable station. Take the Yungu cable car again, it's time say goodbye to Mt. Huangshan. During the cable car ride down, just stay quiet to view the spectacular of Mt. Huangshan as an lasting memory. Indeed, after you have been to Mt. Huangshan, there is no other mountains in China to compare to this experience. Get more information at WindhorseTour: Shanghai/Mt.Huangshan 6-7 day Tour (1 day sightseeing, 3 day Huangshan, round trip by air).

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