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It's said that you won't see any other famous mountains in China after you visit Mt. Huangshan. This saying may give you a picture about how beautiful and unique scenery is in Mt. Huangshan. In general, Chinese regards Mt. Huangshan as one of China's symbols like the Great Wall and Yantze River. Visiting the mysterious scenery and the beautiful Huangshan sunrise, which are the travelers' dream can be seen in this place. Also, during a personal Mt.Huangshan experience, it will definitely impress your eyes and heart. Come and explore the beautiful Mt. Huangshan 2-day trip!

Mt. Huangshan (Huáng Shān, 黄山; literally means Yellow Mountain), which is located in south of Anhui province. There are hundreds of peaks and canyons. The mountain not only has magnificent landscapes but it is also full of variety of zoological species. Mt. Huangshan is famous for 4 wonders: the sea of clouds, mountain hot springs, strange pines and rocky peaks. It was listed in World Natural and Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

Magnificent Huangshan Scenery in Anhui, China

The route starts from Eastern Steps which is easier than climbing the Western Steps, but you won't miss out on the majestic scenic spots. As most travelers have to trek in Mt. Huangshan for more than one day, so don't forget to wear the loose trainers and warm clothes. You need not to worry about the steep route in Mt. Huangshan, WindhorseTour expert guides will lead you to see the great scenery in 2 day trip.

Day 1 -- Drop off the car, it's time to start your Mt. Huangshan trip. Walking on the steep stone steps and begin to climb up. After lots of stopovers you will reach Yungu Cable Car. If you want save some energy then you can use the cable car to go up the mountain. Yungu Cable Car has the most advanced technology than most cable cars in other mountains in China. During the cable car ride, you'll see distinct mountains which looks like animals or humans. About 8 more minutes on the cable car then you arrive at the summit of Mt. Huangshan.

Imposing Huangshan Pines in Mt. Huangshan, China

Along the way on your trek, there are scattered porters who carry supplies to Mt. Huangshan on their shoulders. On the way to Beginning to Believe Peak, it's a Mt. Huangshan strange pines kingdom! Huangshan pines belongs to one of the 4 wonders in Mt. Huangshan, they have grown for hundred of years. Among the mountains in China only in Mt. Huangshan you can see the strange pines, because it grows uniquely in the rock cliffs which are 800-1,800 m. (2,624-5,905 ft.). 

After hours of trekking along the steep stone steps and with your eager anticipation to reach the top, you will finally arrive at Beginning to Believe peak (Shǐ Xìn Fēng, 始信峰). The legend about Beginning to Believe peak tells a man who didn't believe the Mt. Huangshan's beauty so he decided to see for himself. When he saw a peak in Mt. Huangshan he was immediately convinced and gave the peak its name. It's said that to travelers: once you have saw seen the Beginning to Believe peak, you will charmed with whole Mt. Huangshan.

Next destination is Lion Peak (Shī Zǐ Fēng, 狮子峰). The peak got its name as it stands like a lion on the mountain. There are a number of attractions around Lion Peak and provides one of the good viewpoints, the sea of clouds and sunrise. It's said that you may feel regret afterwards if you didn't climb to the Lion Peak to appreciate beautiful scenery.

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