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There is a huge army are waiting for you! Only when you travel to Xi’an you can see the magnificent Terracotta Warriors. This traditional journey covers two of China’s most famed ancient capital cities – Xi'an and Luoyang. In the first few days, you will tour in Xi’an to see Terracotta Warriors, Shaanxi History Museum and Xi'an City Wall to name a few. Transfer a short train trip to Luoyang; you will see the splendid Longmen Grottoes which is the one of three most great stone carving arts in China. Another attractive in Luoyang is to learn the local Chinese Kungfu is Shaolin Temple. If you want to see the most prestigious ancient cities, please look at Travel to Xi'an and Luoyang Tour.

Travel to Xi'an - Must Visit Terracotta Warriors

Travel to Xi'an, where you must see the great Terracotta Warriors! There are over thousand of warriors and chariots that has been standing on the underground for thousands of years. No two warriors have the same look and all of them face towards the east. When Emperor Qin shihuang ordered to build the Eighth Wonder of the World – Terracotta Warriors, he was only has thirteen years old. Emperor Qin wanted rule a huge army in his afterlife and you can see a real Chinese ancient army now in Xi'an. There are some information when you travel to Xi'an and to find more attractions in Xi'an at: Best Xi'an Tour.

Longmen Grottoes - An Wonderful Attraction in Luoyang
Located at the Luoyang city, Longmen Grottoes is the one of China’s three most famous stone cave treasures. It is the best preserved Buddha cave in China and is a good place to learn about ancient Chinese diversity culture and history. The work on building the Longmen Grottoes started around year of 493 A.D. and having gone through seven dynasties and over 400 years to build. The most-visited sight spots at Longmen Grottoes are Wanfo Cave and Fengxian Temple. Legend says that the expression of Vairocana Buddha which is located at Fengxian Temple was carved to resemble the China’s only Empress Wu herself. Don’t miss the splendid arts at Luoyang and find more information at about Longmen Grottoes at: Visit Luoyang and Xi'an Tour.

Luoyang Shaolin Temple - Monks Performing tradition Chinese Kung Fu

Shaolin Temple is situated at Luoyang and has now become more popular because of the trend of increasing number of Chinese Kungfu fans. The monks of Shaolin Temple have been practicing Kungfu more than 1,500 years. When you visit Luoyang Shaolin Temple, there are many exciting spots worth your visit to such as The Hall of Heavenly Kings and The Pagoda Forest. It has material arts performances every day, "iron head", "two finger handstand", "qigong" and other amazing Chinese Kungfu. You can't miss that moment! Do you want know more information about Luoyang? Then please look at: China's Ancient Capitals Tour.

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