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In Beijing gardens you can relax beside a beautiful lake and escape the hustling- bustling city life of Beijing. Shichahai Lake is a great choice, which located in the north central of Beijing. Parks in Beijing cannot get better than visiting Shichahai, where you can explore the local culture inside Beijing's big city. Your China travel agency, WindhorseTour recommends you 3 places to go in Beijing within Shichahai Lake in 1 day. 

No. 1- Boating in the Shichahai Lake. Shichahai Lake with large area water consist of 3 lakes: Qianhai, Xihai and Houhai. In Yuan Dynasty, Shichahai Lake was the start of Grand Canal of China, which is artificial river for commercial use. There are 10 temples surrounding Shichahai and green waves and weeping willows at the bank; inside the lake, many beautiful lotuses bloom. In summer, travelers prefer to go boating on the lake and sing and watch the beautiful scenery; or visit the old style architectures as the route of Shichahai Lake. To speak of , the boats in Shichahai Lake is special that the style comes from ancient China. When you sit on the not so big boats and while boating on the Shichahai Lake, you may feel life couldn't be better! Some young folks like to float small paper boats with candles lit inside on the water.

No. 2- Visiting the formal royal mansions and gardens. There are most well known like the Prince Gong Mansion and Prince Chun Mansion. Prince Gong Mansion (Gōng Qīn Wáng Fǔ, 恭亲王府) is one of the most exquisite royal mansion in Beijing. The dwelling is a traditional courtyard mansion style which was popular in imperial Beijing. In addition to mansion, the large area garden has 20 scenic spots, pavilions and artificial hills originating from Jiangsu (one of China's provinces). Prince Chun Mansion (Chún Qīn Wáng Fǔ, 醇亲王府) is a large residence mansion in the dwelling style and garden located near the Shichahai. It's originally extravagant residence house of Prince Chun. 

No. 3- Yandaixiejie also named Tobacco Pipe Lane, is the oldest street in Beijing. The reason called this name because the whole street is narrow and long but in the beginning part its like a pipe, hence the name. It's distance from the northwest to southwest is 232 m. (760 ft.) long. In the imperial times, curios and calligraphy were sold here; hence the reason it was used be a famous commercial street. There are many ethnic shops, bars and cafes in Yandaixiejie open for travelers. In modern times, Yandaixiejie represent the connection between ancient Beijing and present Beijing.

Shichahai Lake in the beautiful Beijing gardens is the one of  attraction places to go in Beijing. As for many parks in Beijing, Shichahai Lake has the most real experience to the local Beijing culture. To get more information, please look at Best Beijing 5 Day Tour

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