Nakhi Black Pottery Village


Nakhi Black Pottery Village is a small Tibetan village along the popular route from Deqin to Zhongdian in the northwest of Shangri-la county in Yunnan Province. It is regarded as one of the best parts of Shangri-la and is famous for its black pottery and natural beauty.

Nixi Black Pottery Village

When entering into the Village, you are presented with vast green grasslands and flocks of yaks, sheep and horses grazing on it, which leaves a sense of tranquility in your heart.

The local Tibetan here is living a traditional life which makes it a natural virgin land far away from the outside world. That's the amazing natural beauty of the village. 

Just as the name of the village indicates, it is featured by its black pottery, which is a centuries old art left from the ancient time. Most people around 70% families living in the village are engaged in this traditional art. Moreover, many of them have built their own pottery workshops.

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All the pottery here is purely hand-made and the raw material clay is taken from a certain mountain 3 km away. The process of the making pottery is fantastic and you will surely be amazed to watch the locals processing the item.

Nixi Black Pottery

If you come here, you are presented with many pottery items such as pots, jars, stoves, basins, teapots and so on.

All the pottery can fully reflect the workmanship of the local people and is of high artistic value.

Nowadays with the popularity of Shangri-la, many visitors will make a stopover here, buying some pieces and watching the traditional process.

It is recommended one or two hours stay here and you will definitely be fascinated by the great artistic atmosphere. 

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