Mange Temple


Mange Temple is the oldest and the central Buddhist temple located besides the Lancang River. It is an unique architectural building featured by its wooden roof, beams, thick eaves and tiled-roof.

 Read on more travel tips on its location, history, ticket price and more. Mange Temple is located in the east of Jinghong City, the capital of China's southwestern Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Region.

Being surrounded by numbers of Dai ethnic residences and tropical trees, it is famous as a scenic spots and national cultural heritage under the protection of the government.

Mange Temple

Mange Temple is featured by its grandness and its unique architectural styles. When entering in the temple, a grand statue of Sakyamuni will come into your sight with a height of 4 m.

The big roof of the temple is of unique Dai architectural style, with 16 grand toon columns supported and 16 exquisitely little caved elephants standing on the eaves.

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Moreover, the ceiling, shrines and doors are all caved with vivid murals bearing different themes, such as peacock, fairy, phoenix, elephant and so on, which seem to be telling a fetching story of the ancient time.

The history of Mange Temple can be dated back to the year 1447 when there is no school among ethnic groups and all the boys will be sent here to learn language, history and Buddhism.

There are 84,000 famous works kept here, which are keeping records of the Dai Culture. If you are interested in architectural buildings and ancient culture of the Dai ethnic groups, you can come here and have a look. 

Final travel tips for you: the ticket price for Mange Temple is merely 10 RMB (1.65 USD). You are recommended to spend 2 hours there.

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