Difference between downstream and upstream


1. Advantages of Yangtze sailing downstream:

  • Fast speed, 28~30km average per hour.
  • Normally no sailing at night, thus no affecter to entertainment on board( dining hall and dance bar are normally located at the tail of the cruise where stands a relatively big shock ).
  • Shore excursion arrangement at daytime, the cruise will be waiting, you are ensured to have a full visit through three gorges scenery.

2. Disadvantages of Yangtze sailing downstream:

  • Fast sailing speed brings quick passing between each spots, 8 km long Qutang gorges only needs several minutes to pass, you may not have enough time choosing between photography, guide's words and sightseeing.
  • More expensive for a downstream cruise. 

3. Advantages of Yangtze sailing upstream:

  •  Average 15~18 km sailing speed ensures you plenty time to watch, listen and take pictures during the cruise.
  • Cheaper price for a upstream cruise
  • More time on board leaves foreign visitors more time to explore Chinese culture, history and folk entertainment.

4. Disadvantages of Yangtze sailing upstream:

  • Low speed, sometimes in order to arrive at next scenic spot on time, the cruise has to sail at night, which more or less affects tourists's rest.
  • Only pass the ship lock at 12:00-2:00a.m, also would affect tourists' rest or arrangement at this time slide.

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