Plan a Yangtze cruise trip


Cruising on the Yangtze River is suitable for any occasion on your agenda. Once you decide to make the cruise on Yangtze, you should plan in advance, the earlier the better.

The following items can help you decide which cruise you want.

1. Select a cruise route that appeals to you, an upstream or downstream route? Cruises downstream refer to the cruise ships that leave from Chongqing, and then continue downstream to Yichang, Wuhan or Shanghai. While the upstream routes set out from Shanghai, Wuhan or Yichang and head to Chongqing. Actually there is no material differences between these two sailing directions, the cruise companies have tried to arrange the cruises to pass the most splendid parts of the gorges during the day time. However, the following advantages and disadvantages for both sailing directions are still worth considering when you plan the cruise trip.

Advantages: Faster speed and no night sailing. Berthing at daytime by scenic spots, allows more time for traveling around on shore. 
Disadvantages: There is shorter time for appreciating the Three Gorges since the cruise ship is moving quickly.

Advantages: Slower speed enables more extensive appreciation of the sights. some of cruises costs less. There are more activities and entertainment on board in which Chinese culture can be experienced.
Disadvantages: Some night sailing so a few onshore sights are missed in order to reach the next scenic spot on time.

2. Select your ship. Grand and comfortable ships shuttle on the Yangtze River all year round. We offer a range of ships from 5-star to budget grade. See Cruise Ships and check out which one caters to your budget and lifestyle.

3. Select a stateroom. There is a choice of cabins including Standard twin cabin, Deluxe twin cabin and Deluxe Suites for your selection.

4. If you want to combine your cruise with some land exploration in cities such as Chengdu, Beijing, Xi'an, Lhasa, Shanghai.ect, we can customize the tour just according to your requirements and personal interests, to ensure that you travel in China is the experience of a life time.

5. Book as early as possible. You can just register at Online Reservation. We suggest you book three months earlier, however, you could also call us a week before to see if reservations are still open.

The Yangtze Cruise tickets arranged by us always means value for money. We are experienced and consider ourselves responsible for providing you with services that free you from any hurry or worries during your journey. Join us, every step along the way is carefully arranged and smoothly run.

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