What to eat in Sichuan?


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Mon, 06/18/2012 - 17:58 -- Ella

Sichuan cuisine are well known for its fiercely hot and spicy flavors, the most famous dish in Sichuan is hot pot, it's very popular both for local people and travelers. Reputed in its diverse cooking styles, Sichuan has numerous dishes

You can also find a lot of street food and snack vendors on the streets, which are very good for a quick bite. As the western culture spreads, a number of Western restaurants can be found in Chengdu. Read Chengdu food, find the best places to eat in Chengdu.

Famous Sichuan dishes:


  1. Hot pot
  2. Kung Pao chicken
  3. Twice cooked pork
  4. Dan dan noodles
  5. Bon bon chicken

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