What are the weather and climate like in Sichuan?


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Fri, 06/08/2012 - 15:18 -- Ella

Sichuan Province is surrounded by the Tibetan Plateau to the west and the Three Gorges and the Yangtze River to the east. Sichuan enjoys a mild, humid climate in the winter and a hot, humid summer.

In the spring, temperatures range from 10 to 21.9 °C (50 to 71.4 °F); in summer, temperatures are usually above 22 °C (71.6 °F). Autumn temperatures range from 10 to 21.9 °C (50 to 71.4 °F). In winter, the average temperature is below 10 °C (50 to °F). There is a big difference in climate between eastern and western Sichuan. Eastern Sichuan has a subtropical and humid climate; while western Sichuan experiences low temperatures in winter, cool summers and frequent fog. Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, is often referred to as the most comfortable place for sustained human habitat in China.

The best time to visit Sichuan is from April to October when the weather is mild, the trees are turning green and flowers are in full bloom. Read a recent weather report for Chengdu from the Weather Channal or BBC.

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