Grasslands and scenic areas in Northern Sichuan Province


You might say that Sichuan Province is the Colorado of China, though it is nearly twice the size of that State. Located in the southwest of China, Sichuan has fertile plains in its eastern third, and gorgeous mountains rising steadily to the west and north. While the scenery in northwest Sichuan equals or surpasses that of Colorado, it has a different quality. Not Alpine exactly, but uniquely Chinese. It's a place you might want to visit.

Jiuzhaigou Sichuan Province

For thousands of years, Sichuan Province has been known as "The Land of Abundance". It boasts three places listed as World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites, two of which are found in Northern Sichuan. Set among sprawling grasslands and charming mountains, these areas are popular places to visit in China. Many say they are the most wonderful Sichuan attractions, with glorious landscapes and permeated by Tibetan culture. They are visited by travelers from all over the world.

Jiuzhaigou National Park and Huanglong Park, which can be found in north of Sichuan Province, are the most famous Sichuan attractions. There are many Tibetan villages in a variety of breathtaking natural landscapes including primeval forests, spectacular waterfalls, emerald lakes and snow-capped mountains. Songpan Ancient Town is a further draw in north of Sichuan Province. A Songpan Horse Trekking Tour could be the most indelible experience of your China tour. 

Sichuan Attractions - Fertile Zoige Grassland

In addition, travelers from around the world flock to the grasslands in the north of Sichuan Province. Zoige Grassland and Hongyuan Grassland are two vast grasslands in Aba Prefecture. You can roam in the endless green grasslands, while the clear sky and colorful wild flowers help you forget the noisy, busy city life you have left behind. When visiting Wolong National Natural Reserve, seeing the many Panda Bears will also leave a deep impression on you. They are so cute and tender that you can't help liking them. All of the above are great places to visit in China.

Places To Visit In China - Langmusi
In the north of Sichuan Province, there are also many villages of the Tibetan people. Authentic Tibetan Buddhism, the nomadic lifestyle and the unique architecture attract lots of visitors both from home and abroad. Langmusi is a quiet town inhabited by a colorful mix of Han Chinese, Hui and Amdo Tibetans. If you are adventuresome, you can experience the traditional nomad life by staying with a local nomadic family and joining in the local people's daily work, such as herding yaks and sheep, making butter and milking yaks.  The experience encourages one to reflect on the human condition. If you are interested in visiting with a local nomadic Tibetan family, please find more information at WindhorseTour: 7 Day Tibet Cultural Tour.  If you are planning to get outside the cities, of all the places to visit in China, these areas should be near the top of your list.

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