Meijiawu tea village


Meijiawu Tea Village Quick Introduction

Meijiawu Tea Village has long been famous for serving its high quality Dragon Well Tea. Located in the famous West Lake scenic spot, Hangzhou City, It is one of the four production area of Dragon Well Tea and the first-grade Dragon Well Tea preserve.

Meijiawu Tea Village is not only a beautiful natural scenery leisure park in Hangzhou, but also a great place for you to learn the Chinese tea culture. Observing the Chinese tea ceremony is also one of the fantastic things to do in Hangzhou. 

Meijiawu Tea Village And Famous Dragon Well Tea

Meijiawu Tea Village

Around the Meijiawu Tea Village, tea trees are on the mountains, in the field, everywhere. As far as your eyes extend, there are all green tea trees.

Tea houses connected with one another beside the streets, tasting the authentic and fresh Dragon Well Tea is an enjoyable thing to do in Hangzhou. 

As early as the 1950-60s, Meijiawu Tea Village has been open to the foreign guests as a designated sightseeing spot and has received the government heads of many countries.

Chinese Prime Minister Zhou En'lai had been to Meijiawu Tea Village as many as five times and the Zhou En'lai memorial room is also a popular place to visit.

Meijiawu Tea Village has long been famous for its serving exquisite Dragon Well Tea, which ranks the highest amongst all the Chinese tea.

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The unique geographical environment gives birth to its unique flavor of Dragon Well Tea: emerald green color, lasting fragrance, sweet taste and good texture.

Each year, various Chinese tea ceremonies are held here, especially in spring, the Chinese tea ceremony which represents the beginning of tea season is very popular.

Things to do in Meijiawu Tea Village and Hangzhou

Meijiawu Tea Village

There are so so many things to do in Hangzhou, appreciating the beautiful West Lake, visiting the Six Harmonies pagoda, tasting the many delicious food and so much more.

While if you are interested in Chinese tea ceremony and culture, visiting the Meijiawu Tea Village is the best thing to do in Hangzhou.

There are also so many interesting things to do:

  • Watch the Chinese tea ceremony, especially in Spring.
  • Go for an outing, appreciate the natural scenery and mountains of green tea trees.
  • Follow the local villagers to pick up the tea leaves, learn from them how to select the high-quality Dragon Well Tea.
  • Enjoy the Chinese tea ceremony and performance, experience the art of Chinese tea culture in such a strong atmosphere of the Chinese Tea Ceremony.
  • Visit the Zhou'Enlai Memorial Room and Historic Sites.

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