Hangzhou attractions - six harmonies pagoda


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When you travel to Hangzhou, there is no pagoda in China that provides a better view to appreciate than the tidal of Qiantang except Six Harmonies Pagoda. Six Harmonies Pagoda is one of the famous Hangzhou attractions. In legends, people hoped and prayed through the Pagoda that the Qiantang river becomes less dangerous. It was originalyy built in Wuyue Kingdom (970 A.D.) but destroyed completely in the year 1121 A.D. because of the war, so that it was rebuilt during Nansong Dynasty and, most emperors have repaired it in different periods of the history.

You may wonder to know what is inside of the pagoda. Each ceilings of the 7 floors paintings of many flowers, animals, humans and birds. The eaves of the whole Pagoda from bottom to up gradually narrowing and cornice wears totally 104 iron bells, also lights on the top shows the boats the way to the shore. Visitors travel to Hangzhou grasp at the great chance along with the spiral stairs upon to top and take photos about paintings and tidal of Qiantang river. After you have visited the Six Harmonies Pagoda, you also can ring the "Six Harmonies Bell" which is near to the pagoda for praying. (One popular tour is -- Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tour with Water Town Visit)

Hangzhou has a rainy weather during most of the year, so it becomes difficult to compare which is the better time to visit. If you want to see the biggest tidal of Qiantang river in Hangzhou, we suggest you book a tour around Autumn. Travel to Hangzhou, it's highlight is to visit the famous West lake, The Pools Mirroring the Moon and Flying Peak. All of these are perfect for your personal experience to see the paradise on earth- Hangzhou.

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