Shuyuanmen Ancient Culture Street


Time for exploring the ancient culture of China! Shuyuanmen Ancient Culture Street is the perfect place for you! Read on where it is, what to see, what to buy et cetera.

It is a famous ancient culture street in Xi'an City of Shaanxi Province. This bluestone-paved street stretches from Nanmennei in the west and ends at the entrance of Baishulin Street in the east.

It is lined by ancient architecture in Ming and Qing Dynasties on both sides. Shuyuanmen which means academy gate in English is derived from Guanzhong Academy at Nanmennei. 

Guanzhong Academy was the most advanced academy in Shaanxi during Ming and Qing Dynasties and one of the four most famous academies in China, claiming first place in four of the major academies in northwest China.

However, in 1906, It was occupied by Shaanxi Provincial Normal School and it's now where Xi'an Normal School is located.

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In 1990, Beilin government launched large-scale reconstruction work on the shabby street. Soon in the following year, the old street took on a new look and Shuyuanmen Ancient Culture Street came into being.

The earliest commodity sold there is said to be rubbings which gained popularity quickly at that time.

Thereafter, Shuyuanmen Ancient Culture Street flourished with a variety of cultural products among which the most famous is the four treasures of study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper).

Other commodities include stone inscriptions, paintings and calligraphic works by celebrities, and books with ancient seals.

Besides, in those antique shops on Shuyuanmen Ancient Culture Street you will find some authentic crafts made by hand which reflect the richness of ancient folk art and offers some insight into the profoundness of Chinese culture.

Every year many celebrated calligraphers and painters meet there with their outstanding calligraphic and painting works on display.

The high craftsmanship manifested in those artistic works has been drawing large numbers of tourist from home and abroad.

Actually, at the east end of the street right lies the Xi'an Beilin Museum and if you walk along the south avenue for 190 m. (623 ft.) (fifteen minutes' walk) you will find both the Bell Tower and the nearby Xi'an Drum Tower in front of you.

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