Weinan City


Weinan (渭南) is located in the eastern part of Shaanxi Province bordering the Yellow River in the east, Qinling Mountains in the south and has Xi'an in the west and Yang'an in the north. It is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization and is a vital section to the new Asia-European continental bridge. At present, Weinan administers one district, two county-level cities, eight counties and 196 towns and villages with a total area of 13,000 sq.km. (5,019 sq. mi.) and a population of 5.43 million.

Weinan City

Weinan has an abundant deposit of mineral and energy resources. The deposit of gold amounts to 217,000 tons accounting for 48.4% of the total provincial deposit, and the output of it ranks first in Shaanxi and third throughout China. Besides, the deposit of molybdenum ore reaches 1,000,115 tons claiming the second place in China. Dali mineral water which is rich in twenty kinds of trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, lithium and iodine dates back to two million years ago and has won nine awards in China and around the world. Nowadays, it has a ready market in the United States.

The suitable natural and geological environment provides favorable conditions for the growth of various kinds of plants and animals. This include 300 species of wild animals and 23 kinds of rare animals such as red-crowned crane, Ciconia nigra and whooper swan all under national protection. Besides, twenty kinds of livestock and poultry such as cattle, sheep and milk goat are also breaded there.

Weinan Scenery

Weinan is the place where Homo Erectus Lantianesis (蓝田猿人) once lived almost 8,000,000 years ago and the skull fossils of Dali people who lived 2,000,000 years ago were discovered here together with a paleolithic site. Its long history and beautiful scenery have breaded a host of tourist attractions. This include Mount Hua, Qiachuan National Scenic Area, the Grave and Temple of Shimaqian, the Mausoleum of Tang xuanzong (唐玄宗; 685-762), Yuwang Temple and Dangjia Village.

In addition, all types of dramas, Qinqiang and Wanwanqiang for example can be find in Weinan. Folk art like shadow play, wood and stone carvings are well known home and abroad. Another reason that helps explain why Weinan is so famous is that it is home to many celebrities including Cangjie, the creator of Chinese character and Dukang, a master in brewing liquor.

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