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Muslim Street
The Xi'an Muslim Quarter is a must go if you are craving some of the best foods in town. It is a characteristic street which serves all kinds of Muslim food and snacks along with unique handicrafts. 

All of which have created a strong Muslim cultural atmosphere. You will be fascinated the moment you enter the street. Read on travel tips on its location, recommended food and more.

It is located in Xi'an of Shaanxi Province, just a short 100 m. (328 ft.) away from the well known Xi'an Bell Tower

Muslim Quarter is paved with bluestone and stretches around 500 m. (1,640 ft.) from north to south. It is flanked by many restaurants selling all kinds of delicious food and snacks.

To name just a few: roasted beef and fish, pancakes, and shredded cakes in mutton and beef soup all of which are of authentic Muslim flavor. One must try food is the Yangrou Paomo, a lamb stew known as the name card snack of Xi'an.

Also one must try local drink is the plum syrup. The greatest place to try plum syrup in Xi'an is a small vendor stand called Hhuanainai in Dapiyuan of Muslim Quarter. It costs you only 2 RMB (0.33 USD) for a cup. 

Other food to try includes Roujiamo with filings of fried pork/beef/veggie, Majiangliangpi cold noodle, chopped mutton/beef/pork fired with flour Fengzhengrou and dried persimmons.

What surprises most tourists is that all the shops and restaurants are operated by Muslims and that gives an explanation on the strong Muslim culture atmosphere.

At night, Muslim Quarter takes on a new look with many a stall flanking in front of the packed restaurants. While going into these restaurants, you may be first distracted by the variety of delicate decorative articles, nuts, dried fruits and roasted snacks.

When you are wandering in the hustle and bustle of the street, you'll surely be overwhelmed by this fantastic place.

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Besides, bargaining goes on there every day and if you are good at this, you'll have lots of fun doing it and end up going back home with some really fascinating goods.

Final travel tips for you: nobody is authorized to ask you for any entrance fee for Muslim Quarter. Stop by the roadside vendors and pick something special for your friends and family. 

Chances are that you will be carried away by the delicacies even before you set your foot in the street. 

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