2013 Tibet Permits can be Easily Applied for Now


We are pleased to announce that foreign travelers can once again easily apply for a Tibet Travel Permit! On March 25th, the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) released an official notice that Tibet would be reopen on April 1st. This important travel news means the previous restrictions in place for foreigners traveling to Tibet in 2012 have been lifted.

Tibet Tours
One of the most important points of the news is there is no group size or nationality limitations for foreign travelers in 2013. Tours can easily be arranged for only person throughout the Tibet Autonomous Region.

We have already begun applying for clients who pre booked tours to Tibet, under their money back guarantee. We are very confident from our years of experience that both a Tibet Group Tour or Tibet Private Tour will leave a remarkable memory for all who travel with us.

One of our strengths is our experience to match our clients interests to a vast array of possible activities. Travelers to Tibet can choose an overland trip to Mount Everest, trekking from Ganden to Samye Monastery, a spiritual cleansing at Holy Mountain Kailash and many more. Our Travel Advisors have all personally visited Lhasa and the most popular destinations.

We a wide selection of Tibet Group tours that have been designed based on the direct feedback from previous clients and our staff’s personal travels. From the most popular 8 Day Overland Trip to Mount Everest with options of returning to Lhasa or continuing onto Nepal. With prices starting at $380 all inclusive there are options for everyone!

The Tibet permit process takes 3 to 5 working days, and we only need the copies of your passport and China visa to submit the application. With your no hassle approach to travel, you can choose to start the Tibet Permit Process with us and if you postpone your travel there are no penalties.

If you have any questions about traveling to Tibet or other areas in China, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Christiana Miller's picture

I'm interested in traveling to Tibet. I live in shanghai and was looking to go this summer. Have not done too much research since there was arestriction.

I also have a diplomatic passport and my visa is in it. We were told we could not travel to Tibet on this passport? is this still the case? If so I do have a tourist passport but no Chinese Visa.

will look at your website and see what type of tours you offer and what the cost would be for 3-4 people. Thank you.

Murphy Feng's picture

Dear Christiana,

Thank you for contacting us. We'd love to help you plan this trip but unfortunetely, as you already knew, we're not able to get Tibet permit for you if you're holding  a diplomatic passport / visa. 

I don't know if there's way that you can get another Chinese Visa with your regular passport, a tourist visa, business visa or even working permit would be fine.

Please feel free to contact us again (Sales@WindhorseTour.com) if you need any further assistance from our side!

Kind Regards,


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